Laudable Linkage


Here are a few good reads discovered this week.

But I Begged God.

There Is a Better Way to Experience Sexuality, and Christian Parents Need to Be Talking About It. In response to a popular teen magazine telling young girls how to have anal sex and assuring them it’s “normal.”

Five “Fake News” Stories That People Believe About Early Christianity, HT to Challies.

The Advice Young Moms Really Do Need.

Hospitality Is Not Just For Home, HT to Jessica.

3 Reasons Preachers Shouldn’t Publicly Contradict a Bible Translation. Though this is addressed to preachers, I think some of the advice is good for all of us. I’ve seen people be very offensive and abrasive over their chosen version and just kill opportunities for any more meaningful conversations.

Anticipating the Right-Side Up World Through Imagination.

Christians Sharing Fake News. Though this is from over a year ago and the specific stories are no longer going around, the advice in the latter part of the article is invaluable, especially “Don’t Post What You Can’t Confirm.” The Bible has a lot to say about false witnesses.

And, finally, these were the weighty words of wisdom from a recent fortune cookie that had me scratching my head: 🙂


Happy Saturday!



Laudable Linkage

Here are some noteworthy reads from the last week or so:

“Make No Provision” For Your Yelling. The principles are good for anything you’re trying to overcome.

Which Promises Are For Me? There are many reasons it is not good to pick a promise out of context from Scripture and apply it to a situation it wasn’t meant for. Excellent thoughts from Jen about understanding and applying promises in the Word.

Handsome Lives at My House. Mine, too! 🙂

Imaginations Should Be Exercised.

7 Suggestions For Parenting Adult Children.

And, finally, I lived in Houston for 6 years, and when a fellow former Houstonian posted this on Facebook, it cracked me up. Houston isn’t really that bad when it snows.

Hope you’re having a good Saturday!