Laudable Linkage


Here are noteworthy reads discovered this last week:

Hope for Parents of Prodigals.

Is Behavior More Important Than Doctrine? HT to Challies.

God Is With Us Every Present Moment. A book I’m reading talks about “reframing” memories. This is a good example.

The Space Between Courtship and Dating. I think this is right on the mark.

How to Repair the National Marriage, HT to Lisa.

Love Other Mothers as Thyself. “When we impose one-size-fits-all labels upon parenting, we fail in our call to love one another, and we also disregard God’s sovereign work in motherhood.”

Contentment in Motherhood, HT to Story Warren. Though the context of the post is motherhood, the encouragement to contentment and basis for contentment in Scripture are good for anyone.

Daring to Be Wholehearted. “The appeal of Cool is obvious in a world where things go wrong and we are sometimes powerless. But like an impulsively purchased pet python that seemed so harmless as a baby, have we forgotten how Cool can consume?”

Growing Old Graciously, HT to Challies.

When Flesh and Heart Fail: Why Believers Should Consider Advanced Directives.

Salvation Bracelets in Africa? No, Thanks, HT to Challies. “In order to share the gospel effectively, we must be willing to let go of our assumptions and to sensitively ask lots of questions in order to examine the culture deeply. We have to forget what feels comfortable and natural in our own culture and embrace what works in the culture we’re serving in.”

This is sweet, HT to Story Warren. A family took in an abandoned calf they found after a hurricane, and their dog “adopted” it:


Laudable Linkage

It has again been a little while since I have been able to share good reading I’ve found on the web. I try to do them about every other week so there’s not such a long list, but life doesn’t always work out that way. But here they are, and maybe you’ll find something of interest among them:

The First Cut Is the Deepest: Self-Harmers in the Church.

When We Are the Ones Who Persecute.

Back to School: Helping Kids Stay in the Word.

The Best Day of the Week. “Lord’s Day worship isn’t a burden to endure, but a joyful offering from God to receive. Christians don’t put aside their earthly cares each week to earn God’s favor, but to enjoy worshiping the God whose favor has already been granted in Jesus Christ. It is a true delight to forego even the best worldly endeavors for the day, without feeling any sense of guilt for being lazy or uncaring, to revel in the heavenly things of God which are the truest and greatest treasure for any Christian (Matthew 6:19-21).”

Dear Moms: You Do More Than You Know.

Your Children Are Your Neighbor. This is excellent. There is one difference in that parents are authorities over their children and supposed to correct them, while they are not with neighbors, but even still, authority can be handled with grace and not authoritarianism.

Five Boys’ Reaction to One Being Bullied.

5 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Dating Relationship.

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter about the use of the word “retard”. We need to scourge that noun from our vocabulary.

How Making Time For Books Made Me Fell Less Busy, HT to Challies

Easy Tips to Add Text to Photos.

Here are a few about writing:

Why I Write.

How to Evoke Powerful Images in Your Reader’s Mind.

How to Write a Devotional: The Definitive Guide.

Saw this going around Facebook:

Open Bible

And this is adorable and made me laugh: a little baby fakes out her dad when he tries to cut her fingernails:

Happy Saturday!