Friday’s Fave Five

fall FFF 1It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

We’ve crossed the halfway mark of November, looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, and then the Christmas season! But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the blessings of this week.

1. An outing. We went to a holiday craft fair on Saturday, which was actually overcrowded and many of the items were overpriced. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch, where my food was great, but my husband’s and daughter-in-law’s both had problems, and the waiter was weird and almost made Timothy cry by teasing him. But – even though all the circumstances weren’t perfect, I enjoyed the time together.

2. Extended time with Timothy. I watched him for the longest time yet this week, and all by myself! Usually either Jim or Jesse, or both, are home. Everything went well and we had a good time. One thing we did was to make some fall sugar cookies with leaf-shaped sprinkles. He liked the sprinkles part. 🙂


Timothy sprinkles

3. A medical procedure that a family member had this week went well.

4. One-cup dessert mixes. I’ve mentioned before various recipes I’ve found online for making one serving of a cookie, cake, or brownie in a mug in the microwave. They’re nice when you want something sweet (and fairly fast) but you don’t want a whole panful in the house to avoid the temptation of overindulging. Recently I found the same idea in a ready made, just-add-water mix. Nice! There were several flavors, but I tend to go for the chocolate. 🙂


5. Solitude. I love my family dearly and enjoy time with them, but some times of quiet and solitude are essential to my sanity and well-being. Those times have been a little hard to come by since we moved my mother-in-law here and have had hospice people in and out. This week I actually had the better part of one whole day to myself. It was bliss. My m-i-l was here, of course, and her caregiver was here in the morning. But even then it was a pretty quiet, peaceful day.

Happy Friday, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday’s Fave Five

fall FFF 1It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been overcast and cool this week, and maybe that’s contributed to it also being a drowsy week for me. But here are some of the best parts of my waking moments. 🙂

1. Fall color in the neighborhood. I’d mentioned a few times that I had seen some fall color in other areas of town, but not in my immediate vicinity. It finally came last week! One day while out running errands, I stopped here and there to take some pictures of it, but none really captured it (it happened to be on one of those overcast days). But there are some lovely photos posted at the local TV station’s “Your Photos” section.

2. Time with Timothy. We baby-sat (or had a play-date, as his parents called it) last Saturday while his parents had some time to themselves. I’m always just a little apprehensive about watching him beforehand, in case he misses his parents too much or just doesn’t have a good day for some reason, but so far it has always gone well.

3. A UT Vols win! I rarely watched football before we moved here, but it’s hard to escape UT fandom when you live right in the middle of it. 🙂 They had been having a rough time of it lately, and finally pulled out a win last Saturday night.

4. Getting an extra hour last weekend. I don’t like giving it back in the spring, and I am not fond of it getting so dark so early after the time change, but I do like having that extra hour.

5. Going through craft books. I hadn’t planned on any deep searching and sorting for the items I was planning to donate that I mentioned last week – it was more just a matter of pulling together items I had set aside or noticed and itemizing them. But I didn’t have them ready to go last weekend, and once I did, I decided to look through a few more places. One was the bookshelf in my craft/sewing room. I spent a very pleasant afternoon looking through craft books, and yes, I did set aside some to give away! That also got my creative juices stirred up!

Happy Friday!


Friday’s Fave Five

fall FFF 1It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

November! “Ready or not,” the days and months keep coming! Here are my favorite parts of the last week:

1. An outing. Last Saturday, Jim, Jason, Mittu, Timothy, and I went to Vintage Market Days. It was fun to see all the “stuff” and to get some ideas for creative furniture painting if I ever get brave enough to try them. Jason and Mittu have done just a bit of buying, fixing up and painting, and then reselling furniture, so there was much to observe and take in. Timothy was good as gold.

2. A new Mexican food restaurant. I grew up in southern TX, where Mexican or “Tex-Mex” food is just a given, and I am not a happy camper without Mexican food occasionally. The two restaurants we had gone to since moving here closed (one even had the audacity to email me a coupon this week after closing their nearby location!!) After our outing on Saturday, we were headed for a burger place when we noticed a new Mexican food restaurant and decided to give it a try. We found out it was only their second day in business, and it was really good! Yay!

3. Jim going to the store for me. I had missed my planned grocery shopping Friday due to not feeling well and was planning to go out Saturday afternoon after our outing. Jim volunteered to go for me – and it was a rainy, drizzly day, so I took him up on it. I hate to ask him to go because he works long hours and has his mom’s care on top of that, so I greatly appreciated his volunteering.

4. Pumpkin Spice Cookies, just from a mix found at the store, but very good!

5. Running into an old friend even just for the briefest of moments. We used to go to the same church until her family moved to another area of town and changed to a church closer by. We keep up on Facebook but hadn’t seen each other in person for years. She was coming into the Vintage Market Days as we were going out, we were in the doorway in the rain, she had her hands full and people waiting on her, so we could manage a only brief few words and hug, but it did my heart good.

Happy Friday!


Friday’s Fave Five

fall FFF 1It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s the last FFF of October already! Times a-flyin’! Here are some favorite parts of the last week:

1. Lasagna. I had gotten all the ingredients and was just waiting for a time when the kids would be here and I had the time and inclination. That all came together last Saturday!

2. Central heat. It finally got cold enough to turn on the furnace. I’m so glad I can just push a button and don’t have to deal with bringing in wood or cleaning out ashes (or having everything smell like wood smoke).

3. Clearing out things to give away. I have a box in the pantry for the purpose of tossing things I want to get rid of. That had expanded to more than one box, plus Jesse had a stack of clothes on top of his dresser that didn’t fit any more, plus a few other things had caught my eye. There was no major going-through of closets and such this time around, which was nice since I didn’t really have time for that, and it had been done earlier in the year anyway. But pulling out the things that had caught my eye did lead to a bit of sorting in cabinets and on shelves here and there. I’ve almost got it ready to take down to the thrift store. It’s nice to clear stuff out and get it to someone who can use it.

4. Having plans for the weekend. We’re not big goers and doers. Jim usually has something to do on the weekends (grass to cut, projects to work on, etc.), and I like spending them at home most of the time. But sometimes it’s nice to have something different to look forward to!

5. Bright blue skies after a few days of rainy and/or overcast ones. We needed the rain, and thankfully I didn’t have to get out in it, but it does my heart good to see blue out my window rather than grey.

Happy Friday!


Friday’s Fave Five

FFF fall backgroundIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Well, we’re more than halfway through October already – more like 2/3 of the way! Here are some favorite parts of the last week:

1. Lunch with my aunt and uncle who live across town. We’ve been keeping in touch via email and trying to make plans to get together. They’re very busy and travel a lot. But it finally worked out last week. I always love time with them.

2. “Punkin time!” as Timothy called it, getting together to decorate pumpkins. I wrote more about it yesterday.

A bonus with this one was having apple cider. I don’t have it often – usually just at our pumpkin-decorating time plus sometimes if an outdoor festival is serving it. But at those times it really hits the spot.

3. Timothy’s first “Boo in the Zoo.” The event itself was a disappointment in some ways (the animals weren’t out! I thought seeing them was the main point of having this at the zoo. Plus different areas had very loud raucous music going on, not something kids who are already ramped-up need. Mittu said that everyone coming out of one area like that was agitated, parents and kids alike.) But it was fun to see the kids in costumes and to see Timothy’s reaction.

4. Ticking things off the to-do list, especially after feeling like I wasn’t getting anything accomplished last week.

5. Hearing from a couple of long-time blog friends after an extended blog absence – within a couple of days from each other.

Our cool fall weather is back, and that’s a delight as well.

Happy Friday!


Friday’s Fave Fives

FFF delicate leavesIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I’m a little late today – it’s been one of those mornings with a number of interruptions. I often write the bulk of my FFF post on Thursday afternoons, but that didn’t happen this time. But – we’re here now, so here are some of the favorite parts of the week!

1. Leaves changing. I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks that they had only just started to change, and here in our neighborhood, that’s still true. But we were out in a different area of the city on Sunday and saw lots of fall color. Lovely!

2. Late bloomers. My hydrangea had gotten big and bushy but hadn’t bloomed all summer – until now! Maybe because of those big spots on the leaves – any idea what those are and what to do about them?


Even my geranium looks like it might have another round of blooms.


3. Magazines. Like many people, I’ve gotten away from magazines with all that’s available on the Internet. But there’s still something nice about curling up on the couch with the latest edition. I received gift subscriptions for these two for my birthday, and their first issues recently arrived.


4. Meals I didn’t cook. My daughter-in-law made dinner here last Sunday, we ate takeout from MacAlister’s Deli and a barbecue place a couple of different evenings, and I met a friend for lunch at IHOP this week.

5. A Timothy funny. Recently as he was coming up to our front door, he said, “I big now. I have hairy legs.” 🙂

Happy Friday!

Friday’s Fave Five

FFF delicate leavesIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

And just like that we’re a week into October already! Our cool mornings are back but it’s still a little in the afternoons. A few more leaves have changed, but we still haven’t seen the blaze of color that’s coming. In the meantime, here are some high points of the last week:

1. Being prayed for. The chaplain from hospice that comes out to see my mother-in-law brought a “chaplain in training” this week. As they were winding down their visit, I almost asked the chaplain to pray for a specific concern of my own. But I didn’t – whether because it was a little harder to get a word in with two of them here, or perhaps I just didn’t feel as comfortable sharing with a new person there, I don’t know. But when she asked him to close in prayer, she said, “And pray for Barbara as well” – I can’t remember if she mentioned health issues in particular. I think she did mention health, because I was touched at the Lord’s working in that way and leading someone to pray for me in a specific way even without my asking.  Then I struggled over whether to share a prayer request on Facebook, but was blessed that so many people responded.

2. Safety. My husband was cutting up parts of some fallen tree branches at my son and daughter-in-law’s when the chainsaw slipped, and…

Thankfully the saw didn’t reach his toes!

3. Puttering is what I call getting some little jobs done that tend to pile up when life is busy – cleaning out some files, cleaning out my receipt drawer (where I stash receipts when I am wrapping presents), tidying my desk, straightening here and there, changing over from an old purse to a new one, etc.. Always a nice feeling to get that kind of thing done.

4. Getting my fall decorations out. Now it feels more officially like fall.




The last photo is from a couple of years ago – because my kitchen window currently has some gunk on it from some suction cups.:)  I wasn’t able to get it off with just washing the window so will need to go do some more intense scrubbing. Anyway – our tree is not to that stage of color yet, but should be in the next couple of weeks!

5. No major afib in a week! Even being off one medication! Praying that continues! I mentioned yesterday that I’d several occurrences in one week, and they wanted to put me on a new medicine, but first I’d have to get one of the old ones out of my system over five days. I was afraid this would be a really bad week in that regard, but so far it has been a great one!

Happy Friday!