Laudable Linkage


Here’s some interesting reading discovered recently:

What Is Inductive Bible Study?

How To Be a Friend to Someone Who Has Breast Cancer. The tips here are great for a friend with almost any illness.

I Got Pregnant. I Chose to Keep My Baby. And My Christian School Humiliated Me. “My school could have made an example of how to treat a student who made a mistake, owned up to it, accepted the consequences, and is now being supported in her decision to choose life. But they didnā€™t.” This is a difficult situation. I understand Christian schools not wanting to appear to be condoning certain behaviors, but I think a girl in this situation needs to be affirmed for doing the right thing in having her baby rather than having an abortion.

A Theology of the Home, HT to Challies.

Check Your Privilege, HT to Challies.

A Patient Perseverance: a mother’s prayers for a wayward son.

And finally, this is me. šŸ™‚

Or this is even more my style, minus the spa.

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Yes, my idea of camping for sure! I’ve looked into inductive Bible study and I find it a bit confusing. I’ve book marked your link to read more. I think it’s a good one to do – if I could just get the hang of it! Have a lovely day, my friend.

  2. I went to a Christian school, and it always annoyed me that pregnant girls got kicked out–if they were found out during the year–yet nothing ever happened to the fathers-to-be. (Probably because that would have been a conflict with athletes on the sports team can do no wrong philosophy.)

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