Friday’s Fave Five

FFF fall flowers

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Here we are, a week into October already! Here are some highlights of the last week.

1. The ending of the UT/UGA football game. We’ve never been major football fans, but living in the midst of UT Vols fandom, we’ve watched a few games the last couple of years. Last Saturday we turned on the game in the third quarter, and UGA had led the whole game. But, man, the last minute was as exciting and dramatic as they come!

2. Offertories. A couple of years ago for various reasons our church went to singing a congregational hymn during the taking of the offering rather than having instrumentalists play an offertory. I always felt the offertories were one of the most worshipful times of the service that especially ministered to me, and I’ve missed them. Just this last Sunday offertories were played at both the morning and evenings services! Such a blessing. I hope they are back to stay.

3. Cookie sharing. This is not something new this week, but we keep a few “Lunchables” on hand for my youngest son and husband to snack on. I don’t know how it got started, but Jesse always shares one of the cookies in it with me, and sometimes Jim does as well.

4. Lunch with Jason, Mittu, and Timothy. I got a text this week that Timothy wanted to have me over for lunch the next day. I was happy to oblige.

5. Getting errands done on a tight schedule. I had a few things I needed to get done before a dental appointment this week and wasn’t sure if I’d have time, but figured I’d head out and get as far as I could. It would not have been the end of the world if they hadn’t been taken care of then, but it just would have been nice to get them all wiped out in that time period when I was in the area needed for them all, so it was a small but gratifying mercy that everything worked out.

Favorite photos of the week:

Timothy mowing with Granddad:


I saw this at a local grocery store and it cracked me up. I was trying to come up with a catchy caption, but all I could muster was something about children mourning everywhere.


Happy Friday!



12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I like that our church varies their offering numbers – once or twice a month the choir will sing a special song, the rest of the time we sing as a congregation. Recently, they’ve started having special music before the service starts – a bluegrass group or a teen on the cello or just a song that’s more complex than the congregation can easily sing. I’ve enjoyed that quite a bit.

    Timothy is adorable (as always).

  2. Laughing at the Big Bird photo!! I love your ‘cookie sharing’ favorite, so sweet. Little Timothy is just so cute and I’ll bet you have lots of fun with him.

    Enjoy your weekend, Barbara.

  3. So sweet that Timothy invited you for lunch!
    Growing up in our church we always did offertories as well. This thought has really made me feel nostalgic. Thanks Barbara for the BIG BIRD laugh! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Oh dear Big Bird is being sold off. 🙂 What a sweetie your grand is. That’s a fun photo of him mowing, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. the big bird pic made me laugh. so funny!! your grandson is just adorable!! i grew up in a traditional Free Methodist church where the organist played an instrumental piece. then i attended a charismatic type church where we sang praise choruses during the offering ad nauseum,,,,same phrase over and over…ugh!! finally we are in a church where sometimes it is a modern hymn, sometimes a traditional classic hymn and sometimes just music. which is awesome. ( imho) a lunch date with the grandson! FUN!!

  6. Oh, that’s funny about Big Bird! Maybe moms will hide their little ones’ eyes! I love it that your favorite little one asked to have you over for lunch. So so precious!

    Our church does a variety of offertories, but when our music leaders stood to sing a familiar hymn a few weeks ago, the entire congregation sang along — slightly puzzled why the words weren’t on the screens 😉

  7. I’m super late visiting every one for FFF because I spent all weekend at a demo for my spinning/weaving guild.
    Our church doesn’t do an offering. We simply have boxes at the back of the church and the pastor occasionally mentions them.
    Bird Bird! Someone in the sign dept has a sense of humor! I think I won’t tell the grandkids though.

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