Odds and ends

Today marks the first day back to the ol’ routine after about an ten-day “stay-cation.” My oldest son’s birthday is in August and he usually takes a week’s vacation then to come and visit. My birthday is 6 days after his, and this is only the second time in six years that he has been able to be here for mine as well. My husband took off a week and two days while Jeremy was here, Jesse was laid off a few weeks back, so he was home, and though Jason had only one day off besides weekends, he and Mittu and Timothy were able to be here quite a bit. It was a great time with a good blend of activities and outings as well as quiet times at home. We went to the Ripley’s Aquarium one day, bowling another day, to Jason and Mittu’s house for lunch another day, and the kids went out out various times on their own. We talked and played games (I particularly enjoyed Telestrations and a game Jesse found called Drawful that involved using our phones to draw pictures of silly sayings that others had to guess), napped and read and ate. In fact, I had to laugh when the auto-correct on my phone kept trying to convert “stay-cation” to “starvation.” Nope, we definitely didn’t starve.

I seem to operate best with a certain amount of structure, so in that vein it’s nice to get back to the regular routine, but it’s sad as well, especially with Jeremy leaving to go back to RI until Christmas.

Timothy seemed to do well with the change in routine. He hasn’t seen Jeremy except in FaceTime since last Christmas but didn’t seem shy around him at all. If any of the family wasn’t in the room he was in, he asked where they were or looked for them – Jeremy noted he was like a little sheepdog trying to herd his people into one room. 🙂 I think he might be going through a little bit of people withdrawal now.

When people are here, even family, I have a hard time knowing how much to be available to them and how much to give them time to themselves. I’d hate for a hostess to feel like she needed to be with me 100% or have activities scheduled all day – in fact, a little down time and solitude are welcome when staying with people for a day or more. So I try to be generally available and not off doing my own projects, and if everyone seems content I don’t try to conjure up things to do. But we do try to have an activity or two scheduled out of the house just for fun and variety.

Is it odd that in the middle of middle age I still get excited about my birthday? 🙂 I get excited for all the family’s birthdays. My family does a great job in making those days special for me. The day after Mother’s Day or my birthday always feels a little like Cinderella the day after the ball, though. 🙂

When I first told people I was going to be a grandmother, many of them asked me what I wanted my grandchildren to call me. I wasn’t sure: I knew there were a couple of names I didn’t like and didn’t want, but nothing really stood out to me. I kind of just wanted to see what Timothy came up with himself. Lately he’s been calling us Mom and Dad (his parents are Mommy and Daddy), I guess because that’s what he hears everyone else call us. We figured we’d just work on the “grand” part later. But just recently he’s been saying Mom-mom. I like that. 🙂 We’ll see if it sticks.

In other news….we have a hummingbird feeder just outside the kitchen window. It seemed to take them a while to find it this year, but once they did, we started seeing them often. Recently, though, a wasp has claimed the feeder, and several times we have actually seen him shoo the hummingbird off, flying at it until it flew away, one of the oddest things I have ever seen. Jason remarked that if a wasp sting hurts us so much, it would probably prove fatal to a creature the size of a hummingbird. Lately they seem to have called a truce, though, and have occupied opposite sides of the feeder at the same time.

Some time back I saw my cardiologist just for a routine visit to discuss how my heart rhythm issues were going, and after listing several options (do nothing; increase medicine; try a different medicine; investigate other procedures), he said what I am sure meant something like “The decision is in yours” or “The ball is in your court.” But he is Indian, and the metaphor he used was, “The trigger is in your hands.” 😀

I enjoyed watching a bit of the Olympics most evenings, but I wish there had been more variety in the prime time coverage. Some nights it seemed like it was just race after race, and there were a multitude of sports we never saw in the evenings. I know there’s too much going on to cover everything, and they try to show the events that are happening live. If we turned the TV on during other times of day, we’d see a few different events. But it’s impossible to  watch all day. I didn’t really investigate the viewing options on NBC’s site – might look into that next time.

I thought the closing ceremony was a little underwhelming – too many segments taking a very long time with no changes. But my favorite parts were the film segment after the hand-off of the Olympic flag to Tokyo, especially the prime minister as Mario, and then the montage of highlight clips at the very end.

I’ve forgotten to take pictures of a few cards I made earlier in the summer, but these were for Jason and Mittu’s anniversary and Jeremy’s birthday:



And finally, I just saw today that someone is thinking of making a new Anne of Green Gables TV series for Netflix that’s supposed to be “edgier,” and this article says it will “integrate new adventures into the beloved story, tackling issues of ‘identity, sexism, bullying, prejudice, and trusting one’s self.’” Seriously, can’t anybody write an original series without remaking an old one that was excellent? I don’t think anyone can improve on the Megan Follows’ Anne. And to “integrate new adventures” into a classic just shouldn’t be allowed. Go write your own story rather than hijacking someone else’s characters!

Well, I don’t want to end on a negative note, so I’ll share a couple of photos of Timothy with me on my birthday and Timothy’s first time bowling:




I could look at his little face all day. 🙂 For now I guess I better stop rambling and go finish the laundry. 🙂





7 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. So glad you had a great time.
    I too wonder why this younger generation cannot come up with their own movies instead of redoing others. I heard on TV that the Ben Hur movie was a flop. The newsperson sent and he said he agreed.

  2. I totally agree with you about the new Anne of Green Gables series. Maybe they will have a transgender character as well 😉 Geez – why do some of these people insist on trying to improve upon a classic with more “political correctness.” Sorry, if this sounds like a rant, but it kind of ticks me off. Moving on, sounds like you have had a nice a week and enjoyed having your family there with you. Your grandson sure is cute.

  3. Totally on the same page as you with the thought of a new Anne series. I don’t think anyone can hold a candle to Megan Follows “Anne” either but I don’t mind watching a newly made try but not when they change the story or characters. You totally hit the nail on the head with the word “hijacking” of characters. Love your pictures and it sounds like you had a lovely staycation with the family!

  4. {{sigh}} I agree with the Anne series! Why would they mess with something that was go good?! Sounds like you had a great birthday. My, how Timothy has grown. I can’t believe it. Seems like yesterday he was in NICU. Praise the Lord for this little one! 🙂

  5. I enjoy your “rambling” from your world. Sure agree with your “Anne of Green Gables” observations. Beautiful little one you are holding. Love that age.

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  7. I’m just catching up here. Is the Ripley’s Aquarium the one in Gatlinburg? I’ve always wanted to go there. It sounds like your stay-cation was a success. Such nice photos of you here! I would imagine a wasp sting would significantly bother a humming bird. I’m glad they have called a truce. Have a great day.

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