Friday’s Fave Five

friday fave five spring

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a great week! You’ll understand why from the favorite parts of it listed below:

1. My oldest son is home! His flight was delayed due to weather, which caused him to miss his connection, which bumped him to a flight the following afternoon. But he finally got here last weekend, and we’ve so enjoyed having all the family together again. Lots of talking, eating, and a little bit of playing games. That’s also why I have been mostly absent from the blog this week, except for a post about bookcases. 🙂

2. His birthday was this week!


3. A family outing. My husband had found a deal on tickets to the Ripley’s attractions in Gatlinburg, so we all went to the aquarium on Monday. The best part was following Timothy around and seeing his excitement. Then we stopped at a Mellow Mushroom in Pigeon Forge for lunch on the way back. It’s almost become a tradition to stop there since some years ago we got caught in non-moving traffic on the way to that area to look at Christmas lights and finally gave up and stopped to eat.


4. Finding a frame. I’ve had this Karla Dornacher print for a long time, planning to pair it with a piece I had cross-stitched a couple of years ago. I just recently found a frame that goes in the family room perfectly and got it hung up.



5. Rearranging. I don’t rearrange furniture much, but every now and then as I look at the decorating, I realize something would work much better in a different place. I had several such light bulb moments recently, and it helps me appreciate what I have all the more and see it in a new light.

Sometimes I can get into a “poor me” attitude when thinking that everyone else gets a vacation from their regular duties, but I don’t except in small doses. But, really, I do in some ways: one afternoon when thinking that I should be doing something productive, I thought, You know what? It’s vacation week: I can just relax until the next meal time. And we do tend to have a few more meals out when all the family is here, so there’s a break in that regard as well. Even though it’s been a busy week in some respects, there’s been time for relaxation, naps, and even curling up to read in the middle of the afternoon, a rarity.

Happy Friday!



13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Sounds like a good week! I really loved the Aquarium when we visited there last summer. Have you and your husband gotten a chance yet to take the Oak Ridge tour at the atomic place (sorry, forgot the actual name!)? As my kids get older and fly the nest, I understand the joy of having the family all together again. Happy birthday to your oldest!

  2. I’m glad you found some relaxation in your week. And, so happy for you that your son is home! It’s so good to have everyone under the same roof when they live so far away! I LOVED your post about your bookcases, by the way. I can’t remember if I commented? shame on me, but I may copy you and do something similar. It’s fun to see what other people have in their collections, and I noticed some similarities in ours:)

    Timothy is getting so big:( He’s a handsome boy.

  3. What a wonderful week! So great when we can have our kids home!

    I love rearranging my things. It makes it all seem new somehow.

  4. What a huge blessing to have your son home! Is he back in town permanently? Or is this just a vacation to visit you? I hope it’s permanent. I know how we moms like having our adult kids nearby, especially if there are grandkids too. (None of those for me yet.)

    We love Gatlinburg! In 1998, we vacationed in Maggie Valley, NC. We trekked over to Tennessee several different times,and we fell in love with Gatlinburg. We really wanted to move to Tennessee, but nothing ever worked out. My husband looked for jobs in Knoxville, Nashville, and a host of smaller towns, but no door ever opened. Tennessee will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Your framed print and cross-stitch are so pretty. I really love that distressed frame.

    Time for reading is always a treat. Glad you got some time to do that this week.

    Happy weekend,

  5. How well I know that feeling of having the kids all home (it hasn’t happened to us in several years). I know you’re enjoying every minute with your son!
    That frame is perfect for the print!

  6. How nice to have your son home for his birthday! I think I like the staycation weeks almost as much as those when we go somewhere. It’s almost more relaxing. My hubby is not a pool person or beach sitter so we do tend to be on go alot during holidays away. Like you said, you can relax, read and nap when the mood strikes.

  7. Time with family is always the best! Looks like a nice week. P.S. I love your book case pictures from your last post. I love seeing what other people read – always gives me ideas about books I to put on my “to read” list. Have a great week

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