Friday’s Fave Five

FFF spring2It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends. This has been another wonderful week. Here are some highlights:

1. My birthday. I know I mentioned it last Friday, but it was just starting then. 🙂 My oldest son was still here for his visit, and everyone else in the family took the day off – not just for me, but so everyone could have the same day off to spend time together while Jeremy was here. I got thoroughly spoiled with lunch at a favorite restaurant on the river, Mittu making diner that evening, Coca Cola Cake from Cracker Barrel (did you know you could order a whole one? That’s a lot of chocolate – so good!), flowers, pink plates and cute napkins, and some thoughtful, loving gifts and cards. Best of all was having the whole family here.


"Mom and the boys"

“Mom and the boys”


Birthday dinner!

Birthday dinner!

Birthday bouquet!

Birthday bouquet!

Mom's 58th birthday
2. Thanksgiving in August. Jeremy won’t be here for Thanksgiving this year – he traded that time to be here for Timothy’s first birthday last spring. So Mittu made Thanksgiving dinner one day while he was here.
3. Missions conference at our church the first part of this week. We only got to attend on Sunday, but I enjoyed hearing one of our missionaries from Croatia and hearing updates from some of the others. We’ve only been here five years, so haven’t met all of our missionaries yet, and it was very nice to get to know some of them a bit better.
4. Lunch out Sunday. We don’t often eat out on Sunday unless we have company, but we had to get up way early in the morning to get Jeremy to the airport, and, although I dearly love having all the family here, I was pretty well wiped out by Sunday. I asked Jim on the way home if we could get take-out somewhere along the way, and he indulged me. Then I took one of the best naps ever. 🙂
5. A safety bar in the bathroom. I have balance issues and usually brace myself on the closet door frame when getting out of the shower. My husband happened to witness that one day and not long thereafter installed a safety bar. Much better and more secure!
 After Sunday, it was a pretty quiet, routine week, which, as much as I love my family and get-togethers, was nice after a busy week. 🙂
Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a fantastic view for your special lunch out. And nice of your husband to indulge you at his not-fave restaurant 😉 My favorite photo is the one with your son’s head on your shoulder — sweeter than that cake!

    And a fun idea to do Thanksgiving early! Your mama’s heart must be so proud of your kids.

  2. Love all the pink for your birthday celebration – so cheery and romantic.
    I have never heard of a coca cola cake before. I don’t know if I should look up a copycat recipe or not. 😉

    What a sweet, observant hubby you have. Having a safety bar is much safer.

    How fun to make the holidays fit your schedule. Thanksgiving in August sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  3. Such a lovely birthday celebration! Happy Birthday! The picture with your son is so sweet. The love you share is so obvious:) Wonderful to celebrate Thanksgiving in July! How fun is that?

    I’m happy for you for such a good week, Barbara. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. How fun! Your grandson is so cute. I love the pic of your son hugging you. My favorite restaurant is on the Riverwalk in Pueblo. It’s called Angelo’s pizza, but serves the best seared salmon salad. More of a gourmet Italian restaurant. Glad you were able to have a contented rest this past week.

  5. I love that your birthday was such a celebration! The cake sounds wonderful. And your daughter-in-law sounds like a total sweetheart, preparing an early Thanksgiving. I hope this week will be just as nice!

  6. I got all teary eyed when I read about the bar your hubby installed. That he would take notice and then just remedy the situation without you having to ask was very moving. What a blessing!

    Wonderful that your whole family was able to be together for your birthday. That made it extra special I’m sure!

  7. What a wonderful birthday you had!! I’ve never seen the coca cola cake at Cracker Barrel. It sounds very, very good. The house I rent had a grab bar installed in the shower of the master bathroom and a commode that was raised and I am so grateful. So wonderful of your hubby to see the need and fix it for you! Have a blessed day.

  8. Oh Barbara, I thoroughly enjoyed reading here and “meeting” your family. Thank you for including us in your birthday celebration! My favorite picture was of you and your son…I’m so glad you had this time of family togetherness.


  9. A VERY happy belated birthday from me also!!! Love the pictures from your birthday. Thank you for sharing so many! Seeing pictures of your family all together and hearing you speak of them truly does bring ME such joy. I love to see your smiling faces all together! Glad everyone could be there!

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