Laudable Linkage

It’s been about a month since I shared interesting reading I’ve found around the Web. Here is what especially caught my eye lately:

Stop Waiting For a Zap. This was one that hit me right between the eyes.

How Salvation Brings Freedom. Excellent.

No Voice Like Yours.

The Tragic Prevalence of Sexual Assault. Best ways to handle the accusation for both parties.

Is It Biblical to Teach Our Kids About Sex?

A Response to “No, You’re Not Running Late. You Are Rude and Inconsiderate.” Good balance. People who are chronically late do need to realize the impact their lateness has on others and work on some time management skills, but we need to be careful not to sit in judgement whenever someone is late, for reasons the author delineates.

Are You Doing Too Much? Something we all need to evaluate periodically, especially if we’re feeling stressed or drained.

The Trail of Bible Documents. A good and clear explanation of them the different manuscripts Bible translators use.

Are You Ignoring Your Mommy Radar?

Finally, this is one of the most beautiful renditions of “Silent Night” I have ever heard. I wish they had done more than the first stanza, but the harmonies and expression are just beautiful.

Happy Saturday!



One thought on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Pentatonix rendition of Mary Did You Know and Little Drummer Boy are also beautiful! I will catch up on reading during my holidays now that I have my computer back after a virus took it over for a week! Merry Christmas!

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