Friday’s Fave Five

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Itโ€™s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends. Here are some of the favorite parts of the past week:

1. A three day weekend. It was so nice that Independence Day fell on a Friday this year – it was like having two Saturdays in a row.

2. A neighborhood potluck. A few of the neighbors organized a community get-together for the 4th. I met some I didn’t know and renewed acquaintances with others. We took Great-Grandma out in her wheelchair, and she really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how she would react – she’s never liked crowds and having a lot of activity around her, but she was smiling and waving. Many people came up to say hello to her.

3. A special Sunday. Since my Pastor’s announcement about his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, we’ve had some guest speakers come in – mostly some who have had a long connection with our ministry and wanted to be here to support him and our church, but it has also helped him to be able to rest during some part of the regular Sunday services while others spoke. This last Sunday he was unable to make it to Sunday School, and we had a time of sharing and praying for him during that time. It did my heart a lot of good to have that time together. Then our former youth and music pastor had flown in and spoke to us during the Sunday morning service and sang Sunday night. The message was just what many of us felt we needed, and it meant a lot to have this young man, who means so much to so many of us, here. I recommend the message to you, especially if you’re going through any kind of hard time or think you might in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ : Everything Beautiful In God’s Time from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.

4. A much more relaxed week than the last several have been. I haven’t gotten all the things done that I had been wanting to get to when I couldn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I did get caught up on the housecleaning.

5. A crossed-off list. I keep a running list of things I need to do and remember for the week on my desk, and usually whenever I change it for a new one, I have to transfer one or two items from it to the next list. It felt good this week to have every item crossed off. That doesn’t mean everything was done that could possibly need doing – I keep a longer list on my electronic devices of projects to get to when there is time. But having those items crossed off for that brief moment of time felt good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonus: I just tried today (Thursday) a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap from Chick-Fil-A. Wow! Why have I waited so long to try this?! Because I thought I wouldn’t like it (some restaurant grilled chicken tastes rubbery to me), and because I like their regular sandwiches so much. It’s nice to have a lighter alternative, especially during the summer.

Happy Friday!



12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. So glad to hear that there are many coming in to support your pastor and the church. That is wonderful for your pastor and the body.
    Three day weekends are much needed here (more often but I will take what I can get). The great thing about living in a neighborhood where you know folks. You get to get together! Nice that Grandma enjoyed it too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love the smiles within your post! I can see you doing just that while I read through. Hope your day is full of beautiful things!

  2. I felt like we had two Saturdays last week, too. I would love that every weekend!

    Of course, I used one of those Saturdays to cross things off my to do list. You did much better than I – I still have 8 things undone on that list!

    I was touched to hear of your church banding together during a time of trial for your pastor. We need each other in good times and in bad.

  3. I read this post about the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap at Chik-fil-A just before my daughter, granddaughter, and I dressed like cows and went for lunch. We got the wraps and really enjoyed them. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been praying for your pastor and for all the folks in your church as you go through this trial.

  4. Hi about your question regarding not seeing the boston pops. they no longer televise nationally…only their local stations. I have no idea why but i remember watching it with my family in our little town as my parents never took us to fireworks and always wanting to go to boston! It sounds like you had a good week and that’s so nice to have had some relaxing time and getting your housework done and to do lists crossed off!!

  5. I loooove lists and I admit, I will totally add an finished project that wasn’t on it just so that I can it crossed off. LOL. It feels so good to see all those items completed though. How nice that you were able to take Grandma out and that she enjoyed herself. That report brought a smile to me just imagining it.

    I also had an extended long weekend last week and it was wonderful!!

  6. I particularly love hearing about the church showing such love and support in action. It’s a beautiful thing to see and to hear about!

    I’m trying to ignore the part about Chick fil A. Maybe one day we’ll get one up here in the Northwest! I miss it!!

  7. Barbara, I’m glad you had a less hectic week this past week and that you were able to cross off everything on your list! That’s always such a great feeling! I was delighted to hear about how Great Grandma was able to enjoy being a part of the neighborhood get together. What a blessing. And I also wanted to mention to you that I have appreciated the series you’ve been doing on elder care. I especially liked the list of things that you posted for a caregiver in nursing homes to consider. Just reading that list made me think a bit about my mother’s needs (even though she still remains at home) in a more personal way. I know this is a difficult time for your church to be experiencing…grateful that there are folks coming in to help out so that there isn’t so much on your pastor.

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

  8. What bliss that must be to have things crossed off your list! I like the idea of a neighborhood gathering. So nice that your MIL could join in and seem to like it.

  9. I’m so late getting around to comment. I had missed the information about your pastor’s diagnosis. I’ll be praying for him. And thanks for the link to the message from Eccles.

    It was good to have a quieter week AND you got the housework caught up. Please come do mine ๐Ÿ™‚

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