Help! Questions about scrapbooking and photo albums

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One of my side projects I hope to at least make a dent in this year is to get shoe boxes full of photos (from pre-digital days) into photo albums and to redo my old photo albums which are those old sticky kinds that are supposed to be bad for your pictures. Whenever I make any efforts in this direction, questions come up about the best ways to do it, so I thought I’d share those questions with you all and get some advice.

  1. Do you arrange your photo albums chronologically or by event or some combination? Do you do separate albums for vacations or other topics?
  2. When you make a baby album for a child, how for do you go in it? Do you just cover the first year or so? I struggle with what photos to put there and what to put in the regular family album.
  3.  What do you do with photos like the ones of animals in the zoo from 20 years ago that no one is that interested in any more or the extra photos of an event that you’re not sure whether to throw away? Do you end up still keeping some photos in a box?
  4. When you use a scrapbook, do you mat every single picture?
  5. Do you use those little corner holders, or do you use glue and page protectors? Don’t the corner holders poke into photos on the opposite page?
  6. What kind of glue do you use?
  7. When you do digital scrapbooking, do you print it out or does it stay digital? How do other people see it?
  8. What are your favorite tools?

I think that’s all for now.

For the record, I’ve made one photo album for each child up to maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years of age and then chronological albums (not one per year, but each one covers maybe 3-4 years). I’ve thought of making a “Friends and Family” album of those school and professional photos people have sent over the years. I’ve only made a couple of scrapbooks: one for Jason’s high school graduation of highlights of his life and one for Jesse’s graduation just of school and class pictures through the years. My scrapbooks are more about the pictures than the decorations – so far I haven’t gotten too decorative, both because of the time factor (both were made under a deadline) and also because I prefer to emphasize the photos rather than the layouts. But now that I’m doing this on my own timetable, I might try to be more creative with them.

I appreciate your feedback!


4 thoughts on “Help! Questions about scrapbooking and photo albums

  1. I love scrapbooking but must admit that I am behind by a few years. I started in the early 2000’s. I have 6 albums full. I go by event with my newer pictures. My heritage albums are as in order as possible by what info I have on ancestors. From oldest to youngest…I believe I started with my great grandparents and went from there. With my children’s scrapbooks I started with birth and on through all of their various activities and graduations etc. I use the 3 ring photo albums because I find it much easier to get to the pics if I need to use one of to scan and such. Also you don’t have to unbind the entire book to get to a page. I hope I am making sense lol. Make sure to use everything acid free. Also, just use your FAVORITE pics of one event or your book gets full really fast! Another thing are the captions, make sure you label each pic and page. That makes looking through them later on much more enjoyable. My family love to come over and look through my books. Now I need to get motivated to get caught up 😀 Hope this helped. If you have anymore questions, I will be glad to help! Have fun scrapping!!
    P.S I use acid free glue and page protectors. I use the decorative scissors on some pics as well. Makes them really pretty and they stand out…

  2. I’ll be watching in the comments for the answers myself. 🙂 I feel overwhelmed right now with all my photos.

    Answers for when I used to scrapbook (sigh):
    1. I arrange my albums chronologically by date.
    3. I just can’t throw away a photo. 😦 I keep those zoo-type pictures in a box in a closet.
    4. I mat only 1 or 2 pictures per two-page spread.
    5. I use peel-off stickers and page protectors. For special pictures that I don’t want to stick down, I use corner holders. Never had a problem with them poking into the next page.
    6. Stick glue for scrapbooking.
    7. Only have done a few digital photobooks for special occasions (wedding, mission trip).

  3. I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but I’ve had to let it go because of time constraints. My girls both have baby albums and a couple albums per year (I think) up through about age 3. All of this was more or less chronological. Back in my pre-digital days (before chikdren), I scrapbooker every picture (whew!). After I went digital (and took infinitely more pictures of my beautiful children!), I tried to focus on events or favorite pictures. Sometimes a page might only have one picture if I wanted to tell a story about it. (& sometimes the picture might not even really he about the story–for example, maybe it was just a favorite shot that I coupled with something cute she said).

    I’ve been working on some digital albums through Shutterfly as a way to ease back into some sort of memory preservation.

    Have you looked into Project Life? It might not be a good fit for you, but it’s a bit quicker than traditional scrap booking but is still pleasing to the eye.

  4. Thank you all! Your comments have been very helpful. Amy – I’ve seen the Project Life books and thought about them but then decided I’d rather do the scrapbook/photo album.

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