Friday’s Fave Five

 It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

After all the busy-ness of the last couple of weeks, this one has been refreshingly relaxing, at least since Sunday. Here are five favorite parts of it.

1. Jesse’s graduation party. We enjoyed visiting with a few friends and then munching on leftover goodies for the next few days. 🙂 Plus after the flurry of housecleaning in preparation for it, it was nice not to have to think about all of that for a few days.

2. Chinese take-out. After the party my son and daughter-in-law offered to pick up Chinese take out for dinner. It was lovely to just crash and relax afterwards.

3. Timothy (baby grandson in the NICU) is at 5 lbs. now! They’ve said going home is “on the horizon.” I think they’re primarily just waiting for his heart-rate drops to stabilize: he’ll have to go 5 days without one before he will be able to go home.

4. Catching up on sleep. Much needed, much appreciated.

5. Catching up on my Feedly account of the blogs I try to keep up with – though I am behind again now. 🙂 But I should be able to catch up again over the weekend.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. It sounds as if your son’s graduation party was a success! And how sweet of your son and daughter-in-law to get Chinese for dinner that evening! Glad you have had some time this week to R&R. Have a restful weekend, Barbara!

  2. Yay for Timothy’s weight gain! I pray he can have 5 days free of heart rate drops so he can go home soon. You all must be so anxious to have him home where you can love on him all the time!

    I love catching on sleep myself. Hope your “sleep bank” is full now.

  3. I’m never quite caught up on the feedly blog reading. Sigh.

    So glad to hear that Timothy is 5 lbs! That is just awesome. And great news about the going home soon.

    Graduations are so exciting but also very tiring. Have a restful long weekend!

  4. I know what you man about the feedly account. I’m behind again too.

    Such good news about your little Timothy. Our friends having been sharing with us their news of their grandson–still only 2 lbs but growing! What miracles these children are.

    Maybe I should have a party here so I’ll clean my house 🙂

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