Laudable Linkage

Here are a few interesting reads discovered in the last couple of weeks:

The Cheerleader. If something can be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, it is this testimony of a mom injured in the tornadoes that took her home and children.

“God’s Not Dead” and the Angry Atheist Professor: That Was Not My Experience, HT to Challies. I’ve not seen the movie, but Ann has a review of it here. She says as well that the atheists in the movie tended to be typecast as stereotypical meanies, and the film has some issues, but overall it has a good message.

Before We Die and After, Too. Things we want to accomplish before we go may not be the typical “bucket list” experiences.

How Can Moms Deal With the Distractions of Social Media?

What to Do in Those “I Can’t Handle It” Moments.

The Church and the LGBT Community: Is There a Way Forward?

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “Laudable Linkage

  1. It’s funny how different people take away different things from films. I did not at all get that the film was saying every philosophy professor is stereotypical angry atheist or that every atheist is angry. I thought it showed hurting people who lashed out in different ways and I took it as a film that encouraged Christians not to be afraid to stand for their faith and explain why they believe to whomever may challenge them be it a professor, a sibling, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a workmate. My two big takeways from the film were “Don’t try to be clever just tell the truth” and that you never know what brings a person to the place that they are at and any angry or combative person probably is acting out of deep pain. Anyway it is a good movie and I actually learned quite a bit about apologetics.

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