Fridays Fave Five

 It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a whirlwind week. Here are five favorite parts of it:

1. Progress for my little grandson in the NICU. I’m going to have to come up with a nickname for him! I hope you don’t mind hearing about him every week, because that’s likely to continue. 🙂 He is still having episodes of his heart rate dropping and forgetting to breathe, but not as many as last week. They’ve been lowering his oxygen and yesterday removed his nasal cannula completely. They’ve been lowering the temperature in his incubator to see if he can regulate his own body temperature. His weight has been up and down but he has gained 8 ounces since birth 3 weeks ago. He can wear clothes now! And they may start trying to feed him a little by mouth next week to see how he does. Plus he gets cuter every day, in my unbiased opinion. 🙂 It’s really cute to see him smiling in his sleep and sometimes even when he is awake. We know that’s probably just a reflex right now, but we’ll take it as a sign that he is happy. Please do keep praying – they say the journey with preemies is one of ups and downs rather than steady progress. Thanks so much for your care and concern and prayers so far!

2. Baby gifts. Our church usually does a baby shower for expectant moms, but my grandson came the week before his. Since his mom was still recovering and going to the hospital to be with him as much as possible, what the church decided to do was go ahead and gather presents for him, in case they needed them soon, and then some time in the future they’ll have a brunch and maybe a diaper shower or something. We brought home some of the presents that had accumulated so far and my son and daughter-in-law came over one evening and opened them here. It was fun to see them, and we so appreciate people’s thoughtfulness.

3. BBQ burgers. I love grilling season. 🙂 My husband tried the sous vide for them this time so he could do some thicker burgers than he could with just the grill.

4. A new hose. Sometimes it’s the little things. 🙂 With planting flower beds and pots a few weeks ago, we’re watering more, and rediscovered that one garden hose was in bad shape, spraying from several places besides the opening. I kept forgetting about it completely when I was at stores where they sold such things, and finally got one this week, along with a nozzle that I can change from a shower for the plants to a stronger stream when rinsing pollen and dust off the porch.

5. Dusting. Not one of my favorite activities per se, but I do like the results. It had really piled up with all the busy-ness of the last few weeks, to the point where I was embarrassed. When the house is unkempt, I feel unkempt, and it was a good feeling to tackle that this week.

Just yesterday I didn’t think I’d have five “faves” to share today, until I started jotting some down last night. That’s one blessing of doing this weekly: what we think of as an average, “not much happening” kind of week turns out to be a very blessed one when we stop to think about it, and that in turn reminds us to thank the Lord for those blessings.


9 thoughts on “Fridays Fave Five

  1. I am so happy your little grandson is making progress!! And funny about the nose cause my husband just bought a new one for us too this week!! We badly needed one!! Enjoy your weekend and the baby visits

  2. SO good to hear about your grandson. I never tire of hearing about progress especially when a baby is concerned.
    I too love grilling season. It is so much easier, I think. We have so many hoses around here, half of them have been cut to be used for other things. And some are so kinked you can’t use them if you tried! I do have enough length though to reach the raised garden beds that I have to water almost daily!

  3. Barbara, I am happy to hear of your grandson’s progress in the NICU. I have a niece who is an RN and she loved working in that unit. She spoke often of how rewarding it was. I will continue to pray for your grandson.

    What a lovely and thoughtful church family you have for the way they have shown their love to your son and daughter-in-law.

    Reading about your hose made me wish that we had an outside faucet so we could use one. I especially like the nozzle you bought…love the idea of being able to spray the flowers.

    Have a good weekend, Barbara.

  4. I think a “diaper” shower is something special, lol ! How nice that he is growing slowly but surely ! Soon he will have caught up with the others !

  5. So agree with your closing comment and I’m so thankful for all you ladies who participate on a consistent basis with me. So glad to hear that there is progress with your precious grandson. Sweet that he can now wear clothes and what a blessing for your church to provide for him. I’m with you on the dusting. Not my favorite chore but do like the results.

  6. Please come to my house and dust for me! I need to do that tomorrow.

    Good news about your grandson. I will continue to pray for him and for your family. Grandchildren are a double blessing!

  7. You just made me want to BBQ today. :X

    In other news – thanks for the update on your grandson. A nickname for him around here would be cute! I’m glad he’s improving. I have had a few friends with premies and it certainly is a journey! Praying for continued strength for his little body!

  8. So glad to hear your grandson is improving. Please continue to keep us updated. We want to hear it all – nicknames and baby gifts as well! Hearing about babies is the best!

    Yes, I now am getting quite anxious for some grilling out; definitely on Memorial Day – if not before!

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