Someone decided to come early…

My little grandson, due late June, decided to make an early surprise appearance today!

He was crying as he came out, a good sign. But they will probably have to keep him in the NICU for possibly a couple of months.

Would appreciate your prayers for the little guy and the new parents.

I will probably not be on the blog for a few days 🙂


17 thoughts on “Someone decided to come early…

  1. We will be praying for your little grandson and all of the family. We have two grands who decided to come early and know what you are going through. It can be very scary at times but the doctors and nurses in the NICU are very experienced in caring for these tiny babies and will teach and reassure you as they care for him.

  2. Nicu is scary but they do well and the nurses are great, my first grand daughter was due in July and came in May she was 2 pounds 11 oz and left after three weeks, weighing 3 pounds 9 oz the day she went home. He will be fine.

  3. Thank you all, so much. Please forgive me for not answering individually. 🙂 Everything is going well, considering, but they say any number of things can happen the first few weeks with preemies.

  4. Congratulations! What a surprise, eh? I pray your grandson does well in the NICU and hopefully will be home sooner than predicted.

    May he bring you all much joy and blessing!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a spring surprise! Congratulations to the mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa too! Will pray he grows robustly and is soon out of NICU

  6. Oh, my prayers are with you for your grandson as well as your whole family! My granddaughter is currently in NICU as well. She was full term, but arrived with a strep B infection. Tough to see a little one with wires and tubes attached.

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