Checking in…

Wow, last week was a crazy one. I feel like I’ve been pretty scarce around here even though I posted more than I thought I would.

First, Jim’s mom’s caregiver left before lunchtime on Monday due to some sleet and snow, so I had care of Grandma that afternoon. I think her caregiver has been pretty antsy about the weather since her accident during our big snowfall a few weeks ago, understandably. Then one day I just HAD to catch up on some neglected housecleaning and wasn’t on the computer much at all that day. Then Jim had to go out of town, and this was the first time since we’d brought Grandma home that he had been away overnight, so I slept in her room to turn her at intervals. I don’t know how he does that and still works the next day – I felt like I was in a zombie state until I got a nap in the afternoon. Then his birthday was Thursday, but since he was out of town we put off celebrating til Saturday, and there was shopping and ordering and cake-baking and present-wrapping to get ready for that. Not complaining about any of the above – that’s just life, which takes precedence over blogging. It was a good week though a busy one. But some days I didn’t get to the computer much or was too fuzzy-brained to write much.

So far I am not aware of anything “extra” on the calendar this week, so I hope to be able to sit down and think through some things. I seem to do that best when I’m writing – maybe there’s something about seeing words in black and white that makes them easier to process than when they’re swirling around intangibly. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. Last week seems to have been crazy for a lot of folks. I know caring for an elderly parent isn’t easy. Praying that your caregiver finds peace in her storm… I know that “storm” personally. I stayed home last week when I would have gone to work in the past. I was just afraid.
    Happy Birthday to Jim! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I finally stuck my blogs in Bloglovin’ per your suggestion. (I hadn’t heard of them before.) SO HELPFUL! 😀 So thanks for that.

    And then, as soon as I had everything in, no blog posts came from you. This is the first. Yup, sounds like you had a busy week. And I miss writing things out when I don’t have a chance to do so for busyness. It’s a very helpful practice!

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