Laudable Linkage

Here are some noteworthy reads discovered over the last few weeks:

Has ‘Authenticity’ Trumped Holiness?

Authenticity, Honesty, and the Stay-at-Home Mother.

Would That Be Okay? “What if your kid never really does all that great in sports?…never really gets it when it comes to reading?…isn’t wired for college?”

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Reacting.

How Will I Compare?

Don’t Give My Husband Romance Lessons, Thank You.

Before You Were Mommy.

I Feel Like a Mean Mom

When Mothering Is Hard and No One Sees.

Valentine’s Day Single? No Problem…Seriously.

The Historical Reality of Adam.

The Beginnings of a Dark-Tinted, Truth-Filled Reading List

Selling Hope: How Christian Fiction Makes a Difference.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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