Friday’s Fave Five

christmas FFF

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week, a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

Some weeks you really have to search for five good things about the week, and the FFF is so helpful for that, because there are always things to be thankful for. And some weeks there are so many good things that you’re about to burst, and FFF is helpful for that as well. This week has been the latter! I’ll try to squeeze as much into just five “faves” as I can:

1. Our anniversary. We celebrated 34 years of marriage on Saturday. Jim took me out to dinner on Friday for our anniversary and then Jason and Mittu came over to make dinner for us on Saturday.

2. Family times. Our oldest son, Jeremy, flew in Friday night and has been here all week, and we’ve seen Jason and Mittu every day, I think. We’ve had fun times talking, watching movies, playing games, and having a few outings.

3. Christmas. The remembrance of the greatest gift of all, God’s gift of the Lord Jesus Christ to be our Savior. The love. The giving and receiving. The food! 🙂

4. Nights off in the kitchen. Usually during holidays or when the family is all together, there is a lot more time in the kitchen both cooking and cleaning up. But this week Jason and Mittu made dinner once, Jeremy is planning to make dinner this weekend, and we’ve eaten out a few times in conjunction with some of our outings. Then Jason cleaned up the dishes for me a couple of times. We might make this a tradition of everyone making one meal when we’re all together! It helped me not to feel as tired and not to feel like I was missing out on the visiting because I was in the kitchen.

5. Quiet times. I can get pretty cranky and stressed without some quiet moments here and there, and though this week and has been fuller and busier than usual, there have been pockets of quiet time and rest just when I needed them.

It has been a lovely week, and Jeremy is here for a few more days, so we’ll have some more family times together this weekend. I’m so thankful that everyone had some extended time off this week.

I hope you’ve had a great week, too.


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. There is always a lot of food involved during Christmas ! Apparently you had a real good time. I am glad that the neighbor’s cat is better and almost his old self again !

  2. So glad you have one of those bursting weeks, Barbara. Happy Anniversary to you and Jim. I know it’s been a trying year with illnesses and taking in your m-i-l, etc., but your faithfulness in it all is an inspiration.

  3. Happy anniversary! 34 years is an accomplishment to be proud of!

    Pockets of quiet – how I love those! I need lots of quiet time, too.

    I think everyone taking turns preparing a meal is a great tradition to start. How nice for you that you all have extended time together.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Jim, and congratulations on 34 years!!!!

    Now that you mention not cooking as much, it’s been that way for me this week too. It’s been nice! Wes and I started a new tradition (that I hope will continue!) of going out for dinner on Christmas Eve. One of the gift cards we got from a friend was to one of our favorite restaurants. Then on Christmas Day I just made the dishes I was taking to our friends’ for dinner. Very nice not to be in the kitchen all day on either day!

    It’s great that you have all your family together this week. Enjoy it!

  5. Happy belated anniversary!!! That is wonderful. Today would be my parents 61st wedding anniversary but mom is celebrating in heaven. I love all the foods and family time of Christmas, too Barbra. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with moments of quiet rest.

  6. Your Christmas sounds like ours–low key with everyone helping. I appreciate that, too!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Jim!
    And Happy New Year!

  7. I had to smile as I read your fave of not being in the kitchen while everyone visits. I love to cook and prefer to be in the kitchen while people visit (yes, some clear signs of an introvert there…). So nice to have one of those bursting with faves weeks. Happy new year to you and your loved ones, Barbara!

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