Laudable Linkage

Here are just a few good reads from the past week:

When Black Friday Becomes a Mission, good for the whole Christmas season.

Is God an Egotistical Maniac? Read this if you don’t read any of the others. This is a thought that is becoming more popular with unsaved, and Christians sometimes unwittingly fuel it by their responses.

A Blank Check. Quote: “A recent lesson talked about giving God a blank check with our lives. It’s a biblical concept. If God is God, and we owe everything to him, we must be willing to follow him wherever he leads. It’s picking up our crosses and dying to ourselves…We push the blank check across the counter to God, only to be miffed if he writes ‘nursery duty’ in the line.” Most of us are called to minister in small ways rather than the big, public ways.

Five Ways to Make the Holidays More Peaceful.

My Epiphany About the Books vs. Movies Question.

And a fun way to kick off the Christmas season:


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