Laudable Linkage

I don’t know if this will matter to anyone but me, but I used to label my Laudable Linkage posts with all the different topics covered. The only problem with that was when I went to look through a particular category, there would be a lot of “Links” posts, and it was hard to find and skim through my own posts. I didn’t want a reader searching through the categories to face the same thing, so I created a separate Laudable Linkage category for these types of posts and I’m in the process of changing the tags on the old ones.

On to my collection of interesting reads from the last couple of weeks:

Tim Bosna and Evil’s Smile. The last paragraph is a helpful perspective when unthinkable and insensible evil happens.

Where Was God?

Forgive Us These Faults.

5 Things Every Christian Should Know. Or remind ourselves of.

Aiming at Heaven.

Why Going to Church on Sunday Is an Act of War.

To Ron and Shelly Hamilton’s Church on the death of their son. Good advice when a church member is grieving.

5 Ways We Grow.

The Difference Between Original Autographs and Original Texts of Scripture.

4 Ways to Be Like Nana Lois from II Timothy 1:5

10 Ways to Encourage a Missionary, HT to Kim.

Why Christian Writers Should Keep Writing, HT to Laura.

An Invitation to Old-fashioned Blogging, sharing our simple stories, before “branding” became a part of blogging, HT to Susanne.

A delicate subject matter – toilets in Japan from missionary friend Kim. I find these things fascinating. Note the last one with the sink on top of the toilet, so the water from washing your hands goes to fill the tank. One thing I’ve never understood about bidets – I’ve never used one, but you know how with a air hand dryer, your hands never get completely dry….? Seems like that would be a problem with bidet dryers as well.  I’m glad they have alternate western-style toilets in airports there! Even in the US, I’m always glad to get back to my very own bathroom. 🙂

Enough of that – here’s a fun way to make a bear-faced pancake:

This cat must be thinking, “Make. It. Stop.”

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Laudable Linkage

  1. When we were on deputation, we were on the road for 8 straight weeks. As we got closer to home, I became giddy thinking about having my own toilet again. My husband thought that was hilarious. I was so tired of public restrooms. Men just don’t understand…

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