Laudable Linkage

It has been a while since I’ve shared some of the interesting reading I’ve found online. Maybe some of these will be of interest to you, too.

My Train Wreck Conversion. A leftist lesbian professor who hated Christians becomes one.

How to Call a Prodigal Home.

Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church.

On abortion, it’s best to err on the side of life.

Why the Good News Turns Bad Without Adam. Repercussions of not viewing Adam as a real historical person.

Muriel’s Blessing. A husband who stepped down from his job to care for his wife with Alzheimer’s contemplates love.

Love or respect? Ways to show respect to husbands, ways you might be conveying disrespect.

Making visitors feel welcome.

Should We Cheer For God? Worship isn’t always loud and exuberant.

13 reasons Christians don’t have to be afraid.

Will the Real Biblical Woman Please Stand Up?

Beauty Is For Everyone. “Excellence, it turns out, is not elitist. Excellence is the most inclusive thing. It is beauty and beauty reaches everyone.”

10 Tips For Making the Most of Online Community.

Ideas to use up your paper scraps, HT to Lizzie.

And a few on writing:

The First 250 Words of Your Manuscript.

Writing Great Thoughts vs. great lines.

Parrot Front and Center or Back Story First?

When They’re Still Here, about loved ones whose memories and personality are fading:

I only watched the first few minutes of this, but someone made a live action version of Toy Story:

And just for fun, my son shared this on Facebook and had us laughing ourselves silly:


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