Laudable Linkage

Here are just a few interesting reads from the Internet this week:

Of Babies and Beans? A Frightening Denial of Human Dignity.

10 Survival Tactics for Rescuing a Bad Day, HT to Lizzie.

Do Faithful Christians Take the Bible Literally?

What’s a Christian Business Owner Supposed to Do? “I’ve always thought—in a theoretical way—that I might someday face a situation where the government was asking or telling me to do something that was counter to God’s law as I understood it. If such a situation arose, I hoped I would have the backbone to stand tall and disobey the government mandate. Well, that day seems to have come.”

How to Retrieve What You’ve Read — Almost Instantly, HT to Robin Lee Hatcher’s Facebook page.

Some of the “Hey, Girl” pictures and captions on Pinterest are pretty funny, but I especially liked this one:

Hope you have a great Saturday!


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