Just popping in…

…to say hello. I’ve been pretty scarce the last few days, both here and at your places. I’ve been keeping up with my Google Reader but not commenting as much. Nothing wrong or going on — the first part of the week was super busy, then maybe because of that I just felt like I had brain burn-out yesterday. Usually I have more blog ideas than time to write them out, but I’ve felt pretty blank blog-wise the last few days.

I was thinking that I had a good bit of time for everyday stuff before the next spate of busyness, but then remembered I need to get graduation announcements for Jesse addressed and mailed in a couple of weeks, and I had wanted to make a scrapbook for him for his graduation reception. So I’d probably better get started!

I’ve also been pondering how to best commemorate the time leading up to Easter. I’ve read Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter (linked to my review) compiled by Nancy Guthrie a few years in a row, but just didn’t feel like getting that out again this year. My regular through-the-Bible reading has me in the gospels just now — finished Matthew and Mark and started Luke — so that has helped keep my focus on the life and death of Christ.

I have a meeting in the morning and was thinking of heading out to the mall afterward and thought how incongruous it was to go shopping on Good Friday (though I think Christ was actually probably crucified on Thursday, but be that as it may…). On the other hand, we know the outcome, and we celebrate that with joy on Easter, so I don’t think we need to spend all day Friday (or Thursday) in hiding and sadness. But the cost of our sin was so great, and Christ did so much to redeem us from it, it seems like we should somehow acknowledge that day especially though we acknowledge it throughout the year. I just haven’t worked out quite how to do so.

I’ve often felt the struggle between grief over Christ’s death versus gladness that He gave Himself to that death to redeem me. Chris Anderson‘s chorus in the song “My Jesus Fair” sums it up quite nicely:

O love divine, O matchless grace-
That God should die for men!
With joyful grief I lift my praise,
Abhorring all my sin,
Adoring only Him.

I hope you have a good week blessed with some time to meditate on and thank Him for His sacrifice for us.


4 thoughts on “Just popping in…

  1. Wonderful song! I really like the phrase “joyful grief.” I think that says what our hearts should feel. Amen!

  2. I love that song! It’s perfect for Easter.

    I had begun to wonder if you were ok, but then I realized our Scrabble matches were still going and stopped worrying! LOL

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  3. Glad you’re ok!
    Grace and I have just finished reading Matthew. Perfect timing to end this week. We’ve had quite a few good discussions as we’re reading. It’s been really neat to see Grace blossom in her understanding and interest in the Word. She did ask me to read the last chapter about Christ’s crucifixion, however, and her little heart was very sensitive to the pain He suffered. So thankful to have these times with her.

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