The Week in Words


Welcome to The Week In Words, where we share quotes from the last week’s reading. If something you read this past week  inspired you, caused you to laugh, cry, think, dream, or just resonated with you in some way, please share it with us, attributing it to its source, which can be a book, newspaper, blog, Facebook — anything that you read. More information is here.

Here are a few quotes that spoke to me this week:

From a friend’s Facebook:

To derive the fullest comfort and encouragement from Romans 8:28 we must realize that God is at work in a proactive, not reactive, fashion. That is, God does not just respond to an adversity in our lives to make the best of a bad situation. He knows before He initiates or permits the adversity exactly how He will use it for our good. – Jerry Bridges

Nothing takes Him by surprise. He is proactive, not reactive. He is wise and purposeful, not just responsive. What a blessing.

Quoted in Created for Work by Bob Schultz:

A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday. ~ Alexander Pope

Hopefully one can say that, if one has learned from mistakes!

From Carver of Tuskegee, quoted in Created for Work by Bob Schultz:

“Didn’t you plan to be an artist at one time, Professor?”

Carver smiled. “I am an artist…I make beauty instead of recording it. There is beauty in well-tilled fields, in healthy and happy people, beauty to living in harmony with others. With God helping me, I have tried to create beauty according to His directing.”

You can share your family-friendly quotes in the comments below or write a post on your blog and then put the link to that post (not your general blog link) in Mr. Linky below.

I hope you’ll visit the other participants as well and glean some great thoughts to ponder. And I hope you’ll leave a comment here, even if you don’t have any quotes to share.


7 thoughts on “The Week in Words

  1. I’ve recently started reading a devotional on holiness by Jerry Bridges so this first quote really captures me. God works proactively, not just reactively–yes, what a blessing!

    I also like Carver’s quote on beauty because I see God inspiring others to create beauty in so many ways, including blog-writing. Thanks for consistently making a contribution of beauty here, Barbara.

  2. Sorry…I haven’t been linking lately…but I have been reading along. I’m about to start a woman’s bible study using Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. It should be excellent…and a little deeper digging than the ladies are used to…I hope they really take the effort to DIG IN!

  3. I’m so thankful that nothing takes God by surprise!

    And I love the bit about making vs. recording beauty. May we all live lives that leave beauty behind.

    You’ve brought together a wonderful collection of quotes (as usual).

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