Laudable Linkage

Don’t know how many people will be around today with shopping and visiting and such going on, but if you’re looking for a few interesting reads, here are some I’ve seen this week:

When the Battle-Weary Speak, We Listen.

Missionary answers. Great posts soliciting answers from missionaries about how churches can minister to them. Many helpful answers in the contents.

Sending gifts to missionaries, HT to Susan. Very helpful suggestions.

The following are from Pinterest. Love that place!

What to do with cards. Great idea!!!

Pretty organizational center.

Scrabble Home Decor.

Button wreath.

Button clock in embroidery hoop.

Neat idea for Christmas buffet table — cheese, crackers, or veggies in a Christmas tree shape.

Saw the first of these on Pinterest, the rest on Facebook.

Been there. 🙂

So true — those things are horrible to step on.

I feel that way sometimes, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. I enjoyed your last two pictures. I need to share the algebra on with my math students. It is always a blessing to realize that God is working. We fail to pay attention to what He does for us.

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