Christian Fiction Authors

Lizzie compiled a list of favorite Christian fiction authors for a friend, giving me the idea to do the same. I have simmering on the back burner in my mind a post called “The Case For Christian Fiction.” Someday I hope to get that written. But for today, here are some of my favorite authors:

I’ve read every book by these (every adult book: some have written children’s books as well):

Janette Oke

Lori Wick

Dee Henderson

Sharon Hinck

Jan Karon

Beverly Lewis

I’ve read and enjoyed several by these:

C. S. Lewis (Narnia, of course, and his space trilogy, though it has been ages since I read the latter)

Robin Lee Hatcher (I’ve read all of Robin’s, I think, since “discovering” her, but she wrote a lot before then. Maybe I’ll catch up with the older books some time.)

Francine Rivers

Tracie Peterson

Terri Blackstock

Liz Curtis Higgs

Karen Kingsbury (A couple of her books have gotten more descriptive sexually than I am comfortable with, but it is usually in the sense of showing how one can be tempted even when one hadn’t intended to be sexually active. A good warning, but I still think those scenes could be scaled back.)

I’ve read and enjoyed a few from these authors:

Francena Arnold (Not My Will was probably the first Christian fiction I ever read, and it’s one of the best.)

Ted Dekker. I really enjoyed the Circle Trilogy and Obssessed. A couple of his others I’ve read are not quite to my taste, though they’re usually well-written and well-paced. I’ve heard him speak a couple of times: very animated and enjoyable to listen to.

Melody Carlson

Davis Bunn (sometimes goes by T. Davis Bunn)

Lauraine Snelling

Catharine Palmer

Angela Hunt

Elizabeth Musser

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Robin Jones Gunn (Read and loved all in the Sisterchicks series but I don’t think I’ve read anything else of hers except for one for teens)

Donna Fleisher

Lori Copeland

Susan Meissner

Kim Cash Tate

Jenny B. Jones

Nancy Moser

Favorite new authors:

Adam Blumer: Just one book out so far, but another one to be picked up by a publisher soon.

Sarah Sundin

Siri Mitchell (Siri is new to me but she has several books out.)

Ginny Yttrup

There are a few Christian fiction authors I’ve read that just didn’t resonate with me at all, but I will be polite and refrain from mentioning them because it might be just a case of different personalities or tastes. No one is going to please everyone, and I don’t want to give them any negative press when someone else might like them. In a couple of cases, they needed a little more… experience, maybe, or editing, or tightening up of their writing, and maybe that will all come in time. There were a couple I enjoyed except that they were too racy: I’ve mentioned them in the course of discussing their books.

Please note that a mention of any author here is not a blanket endorsement.

I was going to go back and link to the author’s websites — but it is already after noon and I need to get going. If you’re here you probably know how to look them up online, and if you like you can search for their names in the search bar at the top or in the sidebar here to see which of their books I’ve read (at least since blogging) and what I thought of them.

Who are your favorite Christian fiction authors?

(This review will also be linked to Semicolon‘s Saturday Review of Books.)



8 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Authors

  1. Barb – I’ve read many of the books & authors you listed; what a fabulous list. I’m always looking for “new” authors.

    I would like to recommend Andy Andrews – The Noticer. Great book.

    Also, I encourage you to find Robin Jones Gunn’s other books and read them, they’re delightful!!

  2. So far I like:

    C.J. Darlington
    Francine Rivers
    Melanie Dobson

    My list is pretty short though, as you know I’m not a fan of Christian fiction in general. I would be very curious to read your arguments as to why it’s important! (Not saying it isn’t important but that it’s usually poorly done.)

  3. Thanks for the list of authors. I tend to read books by authors I can trust. I have a book by Francine Rivers to read which I think will be very good. Read all of Jan Karon’s and a couple of Beverly Lewis. I have several Amish fiction of her to read. I’m personal favorite is Miss Read (Dora Saint). She is similar to Jan Karon but her stories take place in the English countryside.

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