Laudable Linkage

Wow, it’s been a super-busy week — I can’t believe it’s the weekend already.

Here are a variety of interesting things seen ’round the Web over the last couple of weeks:

Gentleness: a forgotten virtue, HT to Challies.

You are my sunshine. Sweet, tender.

Parenting 001. Hilarious and wise at the same time.

Praying for a Pearl. We’ve often heard about praying for our children’s future mate, but what about their future mother-in-law?

What Not to Wear — no, not the TV show, but a little bit different take on modesty.

Everyday Theology: You Need to Feed Yourself. Similar thoughts to what I had in “Not Being Fed.”

Why Won’t God Just Tell Me What to Do?

Animals with stuffed animals — if you need a dose of cuteness.

Preschool Teacher Appreciation Card.

Ten Terrific Teacher Gifts.

Ideas for Graduation Celebrations.

More Graduation Party Ideas.

A Craft Suitcase — a neat idea for storing or transporting certain craft stuff.

Thought this was really cute even though it’s past Mother’s Day. I don’t think I’m this bad! But I do still need help on many things and am thankful for my techno-competent sons being willing to.

Kids, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! Seriously! (Or adults either, for that matter!)

This is totally too cute:

Happy Saturday!


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