Just popping in to say hello…

This has been an odd day. I’ve had a few post ideas in mind, but none would coalesce into a post. I was very tired and sleepy (and therefore cranky… đŸ˜³ ) yesterday, but when I tried to take a nap, I couldn’t get to sleep, and every time I dozed off in my desk chair, something would happen to wake me up. This morning when I was falling asleep in my chair at 9 a.m., I climbed back into bed, and I think I’m caught up on my sleep now though I slept much longer than intended. I’m in a much pleasanter frame of mind, anyway! But my thoughts still aren’t coming together enough to say anything of importance.

I’m not sure what the deal is, but I have noticed that when I have a very busy period of time, it takes me longer to “recover” — I seem to have a few days of malaise after having a few days of intense busyness. So I’ll just assume that is what is going on, and hopefully I’ll be back up to par tomorrow.

But now I need to try to salvage the day and go get something accomplished!

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8 thoughts on “Just popping in to say hello…

  1. Glad you are rested. I think we all have days like that. You know if I get too much sleep I’m real cranky (even more so than normal if you can believe that LOL) have a great day.

  2. Yesterday, I felt like I was half asleep all day. I am the same way — withdraw a source of stress or busyness that’s been going on for awhile, and I “crash” for a day.

    Glad you got some rest.

  3. Glad you checked in–it makes me feel a bit less bad about checking out myself. I’ve been tired and have been doing all I can just to stay on top of a normal work-day, much less adding anything else to the mix.

    Hope your day was restful.

  4. We all have days like that…it sounds like you might have had a little too much stress in your life and when it was over, you were fatigued.
    Since I’ve been having this Asthma/bronchitis attack, I’ve been tired some days before they have even gotten started.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon because a big weekend is coming up.
    Mama Bear

  5. Why do you think I scheduled a luncheon for 2 days after our vacation? I think I did it because I am getting senile! Like you, I need recovery time between activities. I hope I don’t fall asleep in the macaroni salad tomorrow!

    If you’re all reasted up, why don’t you head this way and help me with my party? It’s the church ladies and you’d love them. We’re going to make sandwiches and chatter, chatter, chat!

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