Laudable Links and Videos

…in which I share interesting things seen round the Web over the last week or so.

Random Thoughts On Reading Fiction.

What’s Wrong With Seniors Clinging to Their Memories? I’ve wrestled with how much to try to bring seniors focus back to the present, and this has some good thoughts. Of course, those who are saved have a glorious future to look forward to, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with walking down memory lane with someone who has more past than future on this earth. Might learn some things!

Lisa Notes’ book review of I’m Still Here: A New Philosophy of Alzheimer’s Care.

Also from Lisa, 5 Ways to Really Sympathize In a Sympathy Card. If you’ve ever struggled with what to write in a sympathy card, this has some excellent advice.

Coconut Button Flowers.

Free Fillable Suzee Que Vintage Labels.

Gift Bags Made From Scrapbook Paper.

This was seen at betz white‘s. Amazing. When you see the set-up at the end, that’s when you realize how small it truly is.

While I was looking at that, I saw a link to this, another stop-motion video guitar number. Pretty cool!

Saw this at Chris Anderson‘s. The narration is in Spanish but it has English subtitles.


One thought on “Laudable Links and Videos

  1. All those videos are amazing my friend. That dot was truly small 🙂 I loved the guitar and nothing like a book 🙂 It seems like it’s going to be a forgotten entity one of these days with the internet. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing these 🙂

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