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Welcome to The Week In Words, where we share quotes from the last week’s reading. If something you read this past week  inspired you, caused you to laugh, cry, think, dream, or just resonated with you in some way, please share it with us, attributing it to its source, which can be a book, newspaper, blog, Facebook — anything that you read. More information is here.

Just a further note — if you’ve posted a quote on your blog this past week, feel free to link it here as well. You don’t have to save it for Mondays. 🙂 And please do read and comment even if you’re not posting quotes.

There were a few quotes that stood out to me from this week’s reading of Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer:

From July 6 on Galatians 6:1-10:

The sinful soul has to bear a heavy burden indeed; and too often his fellow-Christians pass him by with averted faces and frowns. No one visits him, or cares to be seen in his company, or tries to help him regain his former footing.

“Christ’s law,” which we are called to fulfil, is to seek out the erring one, to go after that which is lost, to restore the wanderer, to help carry his burden, considering lest we be tempted, and lapse into the same sin.

It’s all too true that when someone falls, we’re too concerned about being tainted by association, or we figure they don’t really want to hear from us.

From the July 7 reading on James 1, particularly the part about looking “into the perfect law of liberty”:

Do not stand gazing at the imperfections which the Word of God reveals, but having learnt where you come short, dare to believe that Jesus Christ is the true counterpart of your need; that He is strong where you are weak, and full where you are empty.

From the July 9 reading on Mark 8:32-38, especially v. 36, with the parts that particularly struck me in bold print:

It is not necessary for any man to make a cross; it is our part simply to take up that which God has laid down for us. The cross is no exceptional piece of asceticism, but it is the constant refusal to gratify our self-life; the perpetual dying to pride and self-indulgence, in order to follow Christ in His redemptive mission for the salvation of men. And it is in proportion as men live like this that they realize the deepest and truest and highest meaning of life. When we live only to save ourselves, to build warm nests, to avoid every discomfort and annoyance, to make money entirely for our own use and enjoyment, to invent schemes for our own pleasure, we become the most discontented and miserable of mankind. How many there are who have given themselves up to a life of selfishness and pleasure-seeking, only to find their capacity for joy has shrivelled, and their lives plunged into gloom and despair. They have lost their souls!

Finally, on page 177 of Hoping for Something Better: Refusing to Settle for Life as Usual, a Bible study by Nancy Guthrie, from the section commenting on the “sacrifice of praise” mentioned in Hebrews 13:15:

When we choose to praise God for His goodness, despite His allowing what we would nor describe as good into our lives, that is a sacrifice of praise. When we praise His for His sovereignty, even though we don’t understand the whys of His plans, that is a sacrifice of praise.

If you have some family-friendly quotes you’d like to share, please leave the link to your “Week In Words” post with Mr. Linky below. I hope you’ll visit some of the other participants as well: this is a small enough meme so far that it is not hard to visit around with others who love to glean quotes from their reading as well.


12 thoughts on “The Week In Words

  1. I have quotes! But my family is here, I am very busy and I’ve not got time to share. Your quotes have a whole lots of Pastor’s sermon today in them.

  2. I agree with ivoryspring about the James verse. All of these are really good, but that commentary in particular is particularly encouraging.

    I shared some quotes from Elizabeth Goudge today.

  3. These are wonderful Barbara! I really like the lesson in the first one – it speaks to my outreach heart. I might have to “borrow” it!

    And that sacrificial praise has proven itself beneficial to me over and over and over again the last few years! He IS gOOd – no matter what!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing these!

  4. I feel like I’ve been learning that sacrifice of praise thing a lot lately. It’s praising when I feel like complaining; fixing my eyes on Him when I’d like to be fixing my attention on myself; glorifying Him when He’s mortifying me.

    Great quotes!

  5. I did something wrong, Barbara. I TRIED to link in to leave this quote:

    A wedding is an event, but a marriage is an achievement. – Unknown

    but I couldn’t see where to leave it. So, I TRIED AGAIN! I sure hope you can correct my tries.

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