Blog year in review:

Each year about this time I’ve looked back at the first blog post from each month, but this year I want to do my favorite from each month as well:

First post:
New Year’s Meditations.

Favorite post:
Hard to choose between three different favorites this month, but I’ll say When children’s beliefs and practices differ from our own.

First post:
Bible study on women.

Favorite post(s):
Choking anxieties and Melli’s ABC Challenge and other things I see in odd places (the post wherein I see Gene Shalit in the wallpaper…)

First post:
The Conversion of Adoniram Judson.

Favorite post(s):
I have a preposition for you and Encouragement for homemakers.

First post:
O Baby!

Favorite post:
Yes, I got dressed in a hurry. Why do you ask?

First post:
Poetry Friday: Ode to Hay Fever.

Favorite post(s):
Graduation dinner and The visible teaches of the invisible.

First post:
Preaching personalities.

Favorite post:
Of lists and marriage.

First post:
A Thousand Words in Idioms: O and P.

Favorite post:
Things I remember from childhood.

First post:
Reasons why prayers aren’t answered (this was actually the second post as the first one was a contest winner announcement.)

Favorite post:
The Wedding.

First post:
Book Review: How Do I Love Thee?

Favorite post:
Another tie between Helpers and Thoughts from the toy store.

First post:
Melli’s September Photo Scavenger Hunt (Hey, Melli — when’s the next one? ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Favorite post:
Hard to choose this month! Couldn’t decide between God does so much more than “show up” and Fathers and sons and a couple of others.

First post:
All of These.

Favorite post:
What He Is To Me.

First post:
Book Review: The Heirloom.

Favorite post:
On our 30th anniversary: 30 things I love about my husband.

I’ve enjoyed talking a couple of days to skim back over the posts of each month. I wish I had done so before writing our Christmas letter — there were some things I had forgotten about! But I like how these encapsulate the different things I focus on in my blog: meditations on Scriptural truth, family, books, and fun posts.


4 thoughts on “Blog year in review:

  1. I loved reading your posts from the earlier part of the year (seeing your baby/childhood pictures!) and reading your new year’s meditations. I think I started keeping track with your blog about mid-way through the year (around the wedding) and it was fun to get to know you a little better.

    Thanks for the links and for sharing!

  2. The great thing about our blogs is that they are all interactive diaries of our lives. Generally we mention the important things (but I imagine we all tend to leave out a few important things, too.)

  3. What a great wrap up. I so remember many of these. I think the story of the wedding was one of my favorites – the flat tire. I also and I know this is recent but loved the anniversary one. Just wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

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