Friday’s Fave Five


Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

1. Sunshine! After all the rain last week, it was nice to have almost no rain and plenty of sunshine.

2. Air conditioning! It’s been in the 90s and pretty humid. I can hardly be outside or run through the mall or W-Mart without sweating and turning all red. I don’t perspire in a dainty, ladylike way, unfortunately. I don’t know how I’d live without AC in the house and car.

3. Father’s Day. It was a fun time to honor Jim and make his favorite Boston Cream Pie.



4. Pink accessories and supplies. It’s silly, but this just makes me happy.


I also saw a pink filing cabinet I’d like to get for when I convert Jason’s room into a sewing/craft/guest room after he gets married and moves out.

5. A successful shopping excursion. A former pastor used to say that women could go shopping for a white blouse, hit every store in the mall, not find a white blouse, and still have a good time. Not me!! If I can’t find what I am looking for, I get frustrated. I don’t really like traipsing from store to store looking for something — not for very long, anyway. Yesterday I found shorts for Jesse for camp, a gift for a baby shower, sheets for my bed (I’d wanted some with a pattern but had only been able to find solid ones), and towels with the colors I wanted — all at one store! And at great prices!

I’d been looking for towels with blue and tan and maybe a bit of brown, but at other stores the blue in the towels like that was kind of on aqua blue, which wasn’t what I wanted. I was glad to find these:


And I love this adorable gift bag from the baby department:CIMG2842

And one extra as a bonus — I can’t seem to stop at five. 😳

6. This hilarious post of cartoons at Sally’s. I especially like the farmer in the dell and the squirrel on the psychiatrist’s couch.

Happy Friday!


18 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. # 2 A/C. Yes! My car A/C has been out for two weeks, and there’s nothing like lack to make us appreciate the blessing.

    # 5: you’re my kind of girl. I’m not a shopper either—I want to get in, get out, and go home. 🙂 Glad you had a successful excursion yesterday!

  2. I like that you posted pictures of all the treasures you bought. I’m always so curious about the things that others like.

    Those cartoons were cute 🙂

  3. Your Boston Cream Pie looks much better than the one I made Wes for his b-day in May!

    It’s always nice to find what you need on a shopping trip, especially all in one store. I took Beth shopping Wed. and we went *everywhere*, and she still didn’t find two of the things she needed! Love your striped towels and the gift bag – so sweet!

  4. Hi Barbara! I do love it when a shopping trip comes together well :0) Those striped towels are great. The Boston Creme Pie looks quite yummy! Love the gift bag!! have a good weekend…

  5. Poor Jason. You’re remodeling his room while he’s still in it. At least wait on those pink curtains until the day after the wedding! 😉

    I have been looking for a full year for just the right shower curtain. I am now thinking about finding a shower curtain I like and redoing everything else …..

    And I loved the cartoons! Each of them made me grin, but I think my fave was the Doc telling Mrs Pig that her husband had been cured ……

  6. My favorite cartoon was the farmer in the Dell, too!

    I’m with you on the air conditioning. I’ve said many times, “God bless the person that created air conditioning.”

    I’m not a shopper either. It’s terrible to be that way when you have three daughters!

  7. Thanks for sharing the comics. They are hilarious especially when you’re from a farming background.
    We’re having ribs tonight for supper. Oh my…
    I think I will share those comics with my guests and all have a good laugh.
    I love how you brought out the small little details in your highlights. Often that’s what makes us go tick when we are pleased with the simple things.

  8. I laughed through the comics! Thanks!

    I’m not much of a shopper either. The Professor has to drag me to the store to buy clothes and bribe me to stay longer than 15 minutes with promises of coffee and snacks. I’m glad you got everything done in ONE store!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Well there ya go! We BOTH found things we were looking for this week! Those are nice towels too!

    Barbara, you really should read Same Kind of Different as Me! You definitely would like it! It’s a TRUE story – and that is something that no one had told me! I thought I was reading a novel until about 1/2 way through! It is just an incredible story of how 3 people change each others lives … forever. And so much more!

  10. The farmer in the dell made me laugh out loud! I’m glad you posted a “sixth”. LOL.

    Yay for great deals and finding them all at one store? The best! I used to be able to shop for hours going from one store to another. Not anymore. Get me in and out!

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