Brand loyalty

BooMama asked recently if there were any specific brands of products that we always bought.

When we first got married we pretty much bought generic everything. There was even a “Generic” brand — cheap inexpensive items that all had a plain white label with black block letters. Does anyone else remember that? I remember buying their dish washing liquid for something like 39 cents (back in the early 80s), but having to squirt more in several times because the dishwater would rapidly lose its suds.

But as we went on and decided we just didn’t care for the generic version of some things, we tried various name brands til we found what we liked.

There are some brands I buy just because it’s habit and/or it is usually cheapest, or at least the cheapest while still retaining the quality we like. But there are some brands we’d stick with no matter what….unless maybe my husband were to get laid off and we were in dire need:

Miracle Whip (I once did a fun post on a Christian message board titled “Miracle Whip or Mayo,” just asking their preference and why. People have strong opinions about their condiments!!)

Green Giant canned green beans.

Charmin toilet paper.

Bounty paper towels.

Decaf Diet Pepsi (in bottles at the store. I like fountain root beer at restaurants when I can find it, but at home I like the decaf diet Pepsi .)

Tropicana orange juice (my husband likes it even though it is more expensive. He says it tastes most like it came from real oranges to him. 🙂 )

Hunts ketchup (less runny than others.)

Dove soap (preferably for sensitive skin).

Curel lotion.

That’s all I can think of — at least so far. Thankfully there are often coupons fore those items. We do buy a lot of store brands of various things. There are other things that I usually buy one brand of, like Land O’ Lakes margarine, but if the store is out, I’ll get something else. But for the above brands I’ll go to another store, or go ahead and buy something else and regret it.

What about you? Any particular brands you buy no matter what?


9 thoughts on “Brand loyalty

  1. Gillette Foamy Red can shaving cream, Crest toothpaste, Anacin, Old Spice High Endurance deodorant, Dial Soap, Flex Shampoo, Frito-lay Fritos, Mountain Dew…boy should I go on…we can get to be such creatures of habit 🙂 Aloha my friend

  2. Let’s see…#1 is definitely Nature’s Gate lotion, Old El Paso Enchilada sauce, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Malt O’ Meal hot cereal, Colgate toothpaste, Tom’s of Maine mouthwash. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of them off hand.
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Diet Pepsi; Coca-Cola; Tom’s of Maine toothpaste; Old Spice High Endurance deodorant, Ivory Soap, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, TreeTop Apple Juice; Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice; Gaviscon antiacids; and I’m sure there are more. I have 2 or 3 preferred brands for paper towels and toilet paper. 2 preferred brands of facial tissue. My specific make up products ….

  4. Hmm. My husband insists on Orville Redenbacher popcorn (not the microwave kind — the kind you use in the popper). I have to have Miracle Whip in tuna or Waldorf salad, but Hellman’s mayo for potato salad and other kinds of sandwiches.

    If it’s raisin bran, it has to be Kellogg’s. My daughter informs me that store-brand Rice Krispies taste like butter, so I guess we have to get the real deal there too. And for oatmeal it’s Quaker Oats.

    I toured a Jif peanut butter factory once, and it smelled so good I only get Jif peanut butter.

    Wow. I’m going on and on! I do get store-brand paper products, mixed nuts, and a variety of other things, but this little exercise is showing me how many preferences I have…

  5. ROFLMBO!!! This is sooooo funny! You are right! People have VERY strong feelings about their condiments. We’ve had the Miracle Whip/Mayo discussion at Family get togethers and have HONESTLY almost gone fisticuffs over it! I avoid that topic anymore! I will state here though that I am a Kraft Light Mayo girl… not Hellman’s or any store brand… and definitely NOT Miracle Whip! LOL! Others for me…

    Diet Pepsi

    Diet COKE for Krysti

    Northern Toilet Tissue (I used to buy Charmin – and I LIKE Charmin – but the family complained that it was TOO soft and their fingers poked through… Oy!) Since Northern is quilted this isn’t a problem.

    Brawny Paper Towels – we like the pick-a-size feature.

    Heinz Ketchup (no catsup for us!)

    Peter Pan Smooth peanutbutter – I’m not picky, but my Derek will eat NO other brand. Of course, Krysti likes crunchy…

    Aquafresh Toothpaste

    Aveeno *green* moisturizing lotion.

    Maxwell House coffee

  6. This is fun. I’ve never really thought about it but now that you mention it there are some things we won’t buy unless it’s the specific brand. I’ll do a post on it later today. Sounds like fun.

    I think you’re the first person I’ve seen with this kind of thing that didn’t put “heinz” for their ketchup.

  7. Hmmm….I didn’t realize until I read your post and the comments, that we don’t buy alot of consistent name-brands.
    We do like Brawny pick-a-size paper towels, but we’ll buy other name-brands if they are on sale or have coupons. Folgers Breakfast Blend Coffee because it is only $5.99 at Walmart and I’ve had a $1 off coupon of late.
    I’ve tried other brands of dish detergent, but have always gone back to Original Dawn dish detergent, which is a dollar a bottle at Dollar General and sometimes at Walmart.
    When Walmart first came to our town, I tried their BBQ sauce and steak sauce. They were horrid! So I returned them and they either refunded my money or let me apply the refund toward another purchase. So, I am willing to try housebrands and so on.
    Oh, I loooove Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! Yummy! AND there is nothing that compares to A1 steak sauce, though it is pricey and there are never coupons for it!
    I ONLY buy Miracle Whip but I buy it when it is on sale.
    Doritos…original flavor! Nothing else compares!
    And I’ll stop there! *smile*
    See what you started, Barbara?!?!?!

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