Book Review: Jessie

Jessie by Lori Wick features the single mom/storekeeper of Token Creek, the community setting for Lori’s Big Sky Dreams series. We’ve seen Jessie in the previous two books as the independent and kind yet unbelieving storekeeper with two young daughters, but the story in this book begins begins before her marriage, details why her husband left, and then comes up to the current time in the other books when he unexpectedly comes back to town wanting to pick up the responsibilities he abandoned. Unbeknownst to Jessie, Her husband Seth got into a lot of trouble on the wrong side of the law, but believed on the Lord, and now wants to make things in his life right. Jessie naturally has trust issues and a conflict with Seth’s new faith. Her girls are delighted to have a father in their lives, but Seth struggles with exactly how to be a father to them.

This book is vintage Lori Wick, so if you like her other books I am sure you will like this one. I have appreciated that she has tackled different issues than what you usually find in Christian fiction in this series and handled them with grace and good taste.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Jessie

  1. You might have read about my panic at finding myself without a book to read on Sunday night. Well, yesterday I made a trip to BOM to see what was on their bargain table. I found 3 of a series by Beverly Lewis. I’ve never read her books but know that others have and found them enjoyable so I thought I’d pick these up. Then realizing I had books 1, 4 &5, decided I needed 2 &3 to go with them. So, I got the first 3 for $3.97 and the other two for $10 plus. I also found a few other interesting books for the $3.97 so I ended up with about 10 books for less than $60 with tax. Not bad! I’ll be busy with these for a few months.

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