Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Go ahead and get in the picture

Have you ever been trying to take a group picture only to have one of the subjects strongly protest, put a hand in front of her face, or run off? Most people do this because they feel self-conscious. But what they don’t realize is that they are calling even more attention to themselves when they protest or run or make disparaging remarks about themselves. And sometimes they even mar what was intended to be a commemoration of a memorable occasion.

I know sometimes when we see ourselves in a picture, we’re shocked. The image differs from what we see in the mirror. All our flaws seem seem to stand out. But everyone has already been seeing us that way and they still love us. 🙂 And they want the picture because they like you and want to remember you in that way.

After all, when you look over pictures of relatives or special occasions, you’re not looking for super-model subjects, right? You’re looking at people who mean something to you and remembering the good time you had together. That is all that the people who want your picture desire as well.

So go ahead and get in the picture and smile. 😀

That works for everyone.

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7 thoughts on “Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Go ahead and get in the picture

  1. I used to look pretty good in pictures. I’m a smily gal and easy to laugh. Well then I hit menopause. Every time I feel any emotion my face gets BEET RED. Then when I laugh or smile I look like I’m hysterical. Plus since menopause I have grown another chin, which offends me greatly. Suddenly I am trying to avoid family photos. So when the family DOES catch me in a photo , I’m usually doing something embarrasing and not attractive. LOL

  2. I love the part about how people have already been seeing me that way anyway, AND they have been loving me all along. I’m just going to jump in and make it easier on the photographer, after all I only have a few years until menopause and THEN I can avoid all photos! : )

  3. Thank you for this!
    It’s a huge pet peeve of mine (although these days I’m guilty of it myself. If only that tummy were flatter:0)

    Consider this:
    My sister was the girl with her hand up, blocking the camera. Or a blonde blur as she whipped her head away from the camera.

    When she died at age 23 the most recent photos we had of her were her professional senior portraits.
    We had hardly any pictures of her with her son – which means he has no photos of himself with his mommy.

    Taking yourself out of a picture is selfish because you’re taking away memories from the people who love you.

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