Book Review: The Restorer’s Son

restorers-son.jpgThe Restorer’s Son wasn’t originally on my Fall Reading List simply because I forgot it was coming out in that time frame. How could I have forgotten? Sharon Hinck is one author whose books I eagerly anticipate.

The Restorer’s Son is a sequel to The Restorer (previously reviewed here), second in The Sword of Lyric trilogy. In the first book, Susan, an average “soccer mom,” is suddenly pulled into another reality where she discovers she is the Restorer, one whose purpose is to help the people heart’s return to the One who made them. Feeling overwhelmed and dismayed, she learns to rely on the One for strength for the task to which He has called her. She is startled to find that her husband is originally from this world. At the end of the book, the Restorer gifts are transferred to probably the most unlikely person, Kieran, who is distrustful and antagonistic, who is not even sure what he believes or if he believes, and Susan and husband Mark return to their world thinking that adventure is over only to discover that their son Jake has disappeared through the portal, and they have to go back to find him.

The Restorer’s Son picks up the story right where The Restorer left off. I’ll try not to reveal much more of the plot than the back of the book reveals so as not to spoil it for those who haven’t read it. Kieran is running from his destiny and stumbles upon Jake, who he realizes is Susan’s son. He can’t really afford the time and energy to care for him, but he knows he can’t leave him alone. Susan and Mark return and panic in the unfruitful search for Jake. All are drawn into the events occurring in Lyric and its enemy Hazor.

Whereas Susan’s story was inspired by that of Deborah in the Old Testament book of Judges, Kieran has a very Jacob-like encounter with the One. Parts of his story also remind me of Jonah. He’s not running from the One’s call for the same reasons, but he is running.

Sharon portrays the alternate world as very real, and readers will readily identify with struggles, wrestlings, and feelings the characters have. There are some surprises along the way. The title has at least a double, if not a triple meaning. Gentle humor throughout keeps the book from being too “heavy,” and the spiritual truth is convicting and inspiring.

I can’t wait til The Restorer’s Journey, due out next February.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Restorer’s Son

  1. These sound like exciting reads. I really like the fact that they’re modelled on OT characters. (Now there’s a “novel” idea! Hmmmm. Joseph would be a good one too.)

    Thanks for linking up again at my November Book Fair. You’re a voratious and inspiring reader. :~D

  2. Barbara, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
    I found I really related to Kieran’s struggles, and it was fun watching him change as the story unfolded.
    I was also delighted you saw the Jonah and Jacob imagery (and his snarky attitude was also inspired by some comments Gideon made when he was first called) 🙂

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