Bloggy Happenings

Via Barb this morning I learned of two neat bloggy happenings.

taste-of-homejpg.jpgNew to me (but I’ll be going back to visit!) Molly-Coddled is giving away a Taste Of Homes cookbook and a one-year subscription to any Reiman Publications magazine listed here. How cool is that?! I love Taste of Homes and its spinoffs — they are always tasty recipes and usually fairly easy to make because they are tried and true recipes from real cooks in their homes. Details about the contest are here. The deadline is 9 p.m. Friday night, so time is short.

ornamentexchange3.jpgThen another new-to-me blogger, Kathleen Marie at The Open Window, is holding a Christmas Ornament Exchange. The name-drawing will be November 16. Details are here. This looks like fun — I’ll have to think about what I could do for it.

madewithlove.jpgGibee at Kisses of Sunshine is hosting a Homemade With Love Holiday Gift Idea Exchange — think of a gift that you could make for the holidays, make up a sample, post a picture and instructions, then link to Gibee’s on November 12. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of great ideas!

 I’m off to clean — company’s coming tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Bloggy Happenings

  1. I have that taste of home cookbook and it is soooo good! THank you for your comments on my son. It will take awhile for him to recover, but that he will!

  2. No, it takes seconds for your blog to load. I think you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. Most of the ones I read load fine. It may be that the ads slow them down.
    I didn’t say that to offend anyone.

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