Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Plastic


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My husband works with textile products made from plastic, particularly color development for fibers from polypropylene and nylon. I asked him if I could show you a few of his pictures from work for the “plastic” photo hunt theme.


These are plastic color pellets that go into the fiber production (just as a clarification: these pellets just add the color. I don’t have a picture of what the plastic that the fiber comes from looks like):


Plastic color pellets


Here are a few different color palettes of fiber samples:


Fiber samples


Fiber samples


And here is one finished carpet sample:


Carpet sample


49 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Plastic

  1. I have seen you at other blogs and now here I am at yours!! I need to bookmark it. I want to visit you again…. you have a great pictures of the pellets! How neat…

  2. Very interesting! I just saw somewhere that Mohawk carpet was one of the biggest recyclers of plastic water bottles.

    I am collecting comments about city wildlife for my third graders. I hope you can stop by!

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