Wordless Wednesday: Simple Pleasures

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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Simple Pleasures

  1. Yes it is, Melli. We have a bush right next to the driveway and this little small bloom has been there for a few days amidst all the big ones. I decided it would look just right in this little vase.

    Hope your vertigo goes away asap!

  2. Hydrangaes – oops spelling cannot be correct – are absolutely one of my favorite and absolutely on of the flowers I cannot seem to grow in the red mud of Dixie…sigh…thanks for sharing!
    Could you give a shout out to some of you friends and buddies to go by this link and vote for me? I can get this really neat camera extension (Xshot) and a year’s subscription to ProFlickr. I have been ahead – but alas, I’m falling behind the count now…I need fellow bloggers’ assistance.
    Thanking you in adavance for whatever you can do to help!


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