That one lost sheep

Safe were the ninety and nine in the fold.
Safe though the night was stormy and cold;
But said the Shepherd when counting them o’er,
One sheep is missing, there should be one more.

Although His feet were weary and worn,
And though His hands were rent and torn,
Although the road was rocky and steep,
Still the good Shepherd searched long for his sheep.

There in the night He heard a faint cry
From the lost sheep just ready to die.
Then in His arms to shield from the cold
He brought the lost sheep back safe to the fold.

The Shepherd went out to search for the sheep,
And all through the night on the rocky steep
He searched till he found him,
With love bands He bound him,
And I was that one lost sheep.


The Lost Sheep

by Alfred Soord

Courtesy of

NOTE: I do not have the sheet music for this song. To those who have inquired about the sheet music for this hymn, I e-mailed Gordon Greer (, on whose CD I heard the song, to see if he knew where the music could be found, and he said it was in Volume 2 of Singspiration Favorites. I hope you can find it!.


15 thoughts on “That one lost sheep

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  2. That one lost sheep, or
    Safe were the ninety and nine.”

    I would like to have the notes for this music. Can you help?
    Duane and Celia Stradley

  3. My uncle who had a gorgeous baritone voice used to sing this as a solo at our church. I “relived” it yesterday a.m. and was blessed to see the words today. Thank you.

    • Just looked up the CD insert on Gordon Greer’s CD “My Savior First of All,” and just the last name of the authors are written. The author for this song is listed as “Seat,” with “Warren” listed as the arranger – I assume Dave Warren.

  4. Was just searching online for these lyrics – thank you for posting them and the painting! My grandmother used to sing us to sleep with this hymn, and now that I have my own tiny son I’ve been reminiscing and wishing I knew the words. Thanks again!

  5. I just bought a framed print, complete with execerpt of the hymn. I didn’t know (or perhaps remember) it was a song. The artist is Alfred Soord (Brittish) The original painting was alleged to be about 1898 w/ prints ensuing early 1900’s to 1918. Soord died before 1920. So, I don’t know when the hymn was written, but it seems that the CD Mr. Greer made would have to put the hymn’s composer name in parentheses in the discartment on the album/CD.
    I’m guessing the hymn would have been 1920’s or thereabouts. Perhaps your local bible bookstore would have it in sheet music & then both they composer’s name as well as the lyricist name would be printed there.

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