Works-For-Me Wednesday: Sources for inexpensive prints


I wanted to share today some sources for inexpensive prints to decorate your home with.

1. Cards

This is from a card that happened to be 8×10, so it fit perfectly in that size frame. But many smaller cards can fit into a 5×7″ frame. This combines my love of bears, hearts, and Scripture (not in that order. 🙂 ). The verse says, “A cheerful heart enjoys a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15.”

Bear tea

2. Calendars

This came from a D. Morgan calendar. Even though the dimensions aren’t quite 8×10, it fit by allowing for some of the edge around the calendar picture to be a border. The wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom looked like sand dunes to me, and I found a couple of inexpensive Thomas Kincaid lighthouse prints in a catalog once, so that set a lighthouse theme for this room.


3. Unframed prints

A friend told me years ago that framing shops will sometimes have a section of inexpensive unframed prints. Most of them won’t fit into the standard (and less expensive) frames, but with a mat sometimes you can make it work. You can always get a custom frame, but that can get expensive (be sure to check your Sunday paper for Michael’s 50% off custom framing coupons. 🙂 ) This print was, if I remember correctly, about $6 some 15-20 years ago — the prices may be higher now. The dimensions were some odd size, but I was able to fit the main part of the picture behind this mat and then into a standard frame (I think this is 16×20). This also combines a couple of my loves, reading and pink roses, and I love the peacefulness of it. Please forgive the glare there — the other shots I tried without the flash were shadowy or showed up the reflection rather than the print.

lady reading

You can find great tips and/or share yours at Rocks In My Dryer.


5 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Sources for inexpensive prints

  1. I have actually framed a card is such a clever idea, and if you ever want to change it, you do not feel guilty because it didnt cost you anything. The calendar is a great idea as well. My DD#1 like to hang calendar pictures in her room.

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